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According to the website 135,660,228

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โˆ™ 2008-10-15 23:10:46
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Q: How many Americans filed their taxes in 2008?
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How Many Americans used e-filed to file their federal income taxes electronically this past year?

About 80,000,000

Who do you call if someone hasn't filed thir taxes in years and owes child support?

How many years??

They are what pay Americas bills but many Americans are reluctant to pay them?


Americans pay many different types of taxes to federal state and local governments?

Value added taxes

How many taxpayers are in the US?

For tax year 2005, 134,372,678 individual tax returns were filed. Of those filed, 99,880,223 actually had a tax liability and actually paid taxes.

How many Americans are competing in games 2008?


How many millions of Americans?

Estimated 303,824,640 in July 2008.

How did poll taxes discriminate against African Amarcains?

They keeped many African Americans from voting.

How many tax returns were filed in 2008?

Individual taxpayers e-filed almost 90 million tax returns during 2008, an increase of more than 12 percent over the prior year. Of the 155 million tax returns filed, about 58 percent were filed electronically.,,id=188359,00.html

Why were many Americans willing to fight the British in the American Revolution?

The British King had risen taxes to the Americans when they were not even part of the American govornment- the Americans were willing to fight for their freedom.

How many Americans wore prescription eyeglasses in 2008?

96 million

The Declaration of Independence declared Americans free from British rule what is a reason why the Americans declared independence?

The colonists were forced to pay many taxes without agreeing to them

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