Beijing 2008 Olympics

How many Australian athletes competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

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Total there were 150 Athletes Chosen to compete in the 2008

Beijing Olympics.

Below are the names and sports of the athletes. More information

can be found at

Aquatics - Diving

Briony Cole (selected)

Alex Croak (selected)

Mathew Helm (selected)

Matthew Mitcham (selected)

Chantelle Newbery (selected)

Robert Newbery (selected)

Scott Robertson (selected)

Sharleen Stratton (selected)

Melissa Wu (selected)

Aquatics - Swimming

Bronte Barratt (selected)

Ashley Callus (selected)

Cate Campbell (selected)

Sophie Edington (selected)

Nick Ffrost (selected)

Grant Hackett (selected)

Leisel Jones (selected)

Andrew Lauterstein (selected)

Linda Mackenzie (selected)

Kylie Palmer (selected)

Stephanie Rice (selected)

Jessicah Schipper (selected)

Emily Seebohm (selected)

Nicholas Sprenger (selected)

Eamon Sullivan (selected)

Aquatics - Syn. Swimming

Eloise Amberger (selected)

Coral Bentley (selected)

Sarah Bombell (selected)

Tamika Domrow (selected)

Myriam Glez (selected)

Erika Leal-Ramirez (selected)

Tarren Otte (selected)

Samantha Reid (selected)

Bethany Walsh (selected)

Aquatics - Water Polo

Gemma Beadsworth (selected)

Nikita Cuffe (selected)

Suzie Fraser (selected)

Taniele Gofers (selected)

Kate Gynther (selected)

Amy Hetzel (selected)

Bronwen Knox (selected)

Emma Knox (selected)

Alicia McCormack (selected)

Mel Rippon (selected)

Rebecca Rippon (selected)

Jenna Santoromito (selected)

Mia Santoromito (selected)


Tamsyn Lewis (selected)

John Steffensen (selected)

Kylie Wheeler (selected)


Robin Bell (selected)

Mark Bellofiore (selected)

Warwick Draper (selected)

Chantal Meek (selected)

Clint Robinson (selected)

Ken Wallace (selected)

Cycling - BMX

Cameron Meyer (selected)

Kamakazi (selected)

Equestrian - Eventing

Clayton Fredericks (selected)

Megan Jones (selected)


Billy Celeski (selected)

Neil Kilkenny (selected)

Adrian Leijer (selected)

Trent McClenahan (selected)

Mark Milligan (selected)

Stuart Musialik (selected)

Jade North (selected)

Nikita Rukavystya (selected)

Kristian Sarkies (selected)

Nikolai Topor-Stanley (selected)

James Troisi (selected)

Tando Velaphi (selected)

Ruben Zadkovich (selected)

Gymnastics - Artistic

Daria Joura (selected)

Lauren Mitchell (selected)


Desmond Abbott (selected)

Teneal Attard (selected)

Madonna Blyth (selected)

Kiel Brown (selected)

Liam de Young (selected)

Jamie Dwyer (selected)

Casey Eastham (selected)

David Guest (selected)

Emily Halliday (selected)

Rob Hammond (selected)

Kate Hollywood (selected)

Nikki Hudson (selected)

Rachel Imison (selected)

Fiona Johnson (selected)

Fergus Kavanagh (selected)

Mark Knowles (selected)

Angie Lambert (selected)

Stephen Lambert (selected)

Eli Matheson (selected)

Hope Munro (selected)

Eddie Ockenden (selected)

Megan Rivers (selected)

Grant Schubert (selected)

Kim Walker (selected)

Sarah Young (selected)

Matt Wells (selected)

Melanie Wells (selected)

Modern Pentathlon

Angie Darby (selected)


Natalie Bale (selected)

Sam Beltz (selected)

Drew Ginn (selected)

Amber Halliday (selected)

Kate Hornsey (selected)

Pip Savage (selected)

James Tomkins (selected)


Glenn Ashby (selected)

Darren Bundock (selected)


Dina Aspandiyarova (selected)

Matthew Inabinet (selected)

Russell Mark (selected)

Warren Potent (selected)

Natalia Rahman (selected)

Daniel Repacholi (selected)

Stacy Roiall (selected)


Sandy Allen (selected)

Jodie Bowering (selected)

Tanya Harding (selected)

Tracey Mosley (selected)

Simmone Morrow (selected)

Justine Smethurst (selected)

Danielle Stewart (selected)

Belinda Wright (selected)

Kerry Wyborn (selected)

Table Tennis

Kyle Davis (selected)

William Henzell (selected)

Jian Fang Lay (selected)

Miao Miao (selected)

Stephanie Sang (selected)

David Zalcberg (selected)


Ryan Carneli (selected)

Burak Hasan (selected)

Carmen Marton (selected)

Tina Morgan (selected)


Chris Guccione (selected)

Alicia Molik (selected)

Samantha Stosur (selected)


Erin Densham (selected)

Brad Kahlefeldt (selected)

Emma Snowsill (selected)

Volleyball - Beach

Tamsin Barnett (selected)

Andrew Schacht (selected)

Joshua Slack (selected)

Wrestling - Freestyle

Ali Abdo (selected)

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