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How many Australians died in the Boer War?

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The Correct Answer Is: 282 from action, 286 from disease's and 38 died from unknown causes and axcidents :)

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How many australians were in the boer war?

1 person fort in the Boer war

How many died in the Boer War?

boer war began 11 october

Were the Australians representing Australians or their colonies in the boer war?

Australians were actually representing their colonies in the Boer War. The colonies, or states, did not join together under the name of the Commonwealth of Australia until Federation, which occurred on 1 January 1901.

How many people died in the Boer War?

In the boer war 75,000 people died. 22,000 English diedand 53,000 boers died, many people died from disease or being killed.

How did the Boer war cause Australians to question British control over Australia?

If it did, it wasn't significant. The Australians lost roughly 1,000 men in the Boer War. If anything the Australians resented the British during WWI (the Great War) especially after Gallipoli...and which Australia lost 60 times as many men in WWI than they did in the Boer War. As an added note, in both of the those wars Australian servicemen were volunteers; unfortunately, the bulk of the Australian fighting men in Vietnam were drafted.

How many Australians died in the War of the Pacific?


How many people from Australia have died in the Afghanistan war have died?

how many native Australians died

Australians first Serve in the Boer War?

in 1526 the year when fluffy bunnies became pink

How many Australians died in the First World War?


How many Australians died in the Afghanistan war?

Australia: 2

What was the long term significance of the boer war?

Boer War became a significant part of Australian history and identity. Over 10,000 Australians served in Australian units alone, and many others in British units. Some 500 Australians died in the war, about half from disease. Nearly 7,500 Canadians served, with deaths totaling 219, and New Zealand sent some 6,500 troops, with 229 resulting deaths. The war was, after all, an imperial effort.

How many Australians died in World War I?

About 61,928 Australian soldiers died during World War I.

How many australians soldiers have died in the war on terrorism?

6 people

How many Australians died in France in World War 1?


How many Australians died at the Kokoda Track during the War?


Where did Australians go to fight for the first time?

As a federated country, Australia first fought in the Second Boer War.

How many Australians died in kokoda world war 2?


How many Australians Died at Gallipoli at war?

Approximately 8500 Australian troops died at Gallipoli in 1915.

Why is World War 2 significant to Australians?

Because many Aussies fought and died in it.

How many Australians soldiers died in World War 1?

over 18,000 where died and 20,000 wher wounded

The boer war was sparked by?

The boer war was sparked by

Where was the third south African war the boer war?

There was a first and a second Boer War. The Third Boer War is still to come.

When did the boer war start?

the boer war started in 1980

How many Australians died in World War 1?

just over 60 000 Australian soldiers died in WW1

Was nz involved in the boer war?

Yes, New Zealand was involved in the Second Boer War 1899 -1902. New Zealand sent 6500 soldiers, 230 of these soldiers died. We also sent 30 female nurses and 20 female teachers. The Second Boer War was the first overseas conflict which New Zealand sent troops. Note: "Boer War" refers to the Second Boer War. The First Boer War 1880-1881 is not well-known and did not involve New Zealanders.

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