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Q: How many Buffalo lived in USA prior to settlement?
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What did Sioux Indians depend on for many of their needs?

they lived of the buffalo which was their main need.

How did American settlement in the West affect the Native Americans who lived there?

Many Native Americans were killed and displaced during the settlement of Caucasians in the west.

How many Japanese were living in America prior to World War 2?

Approximately 120,000 Japanese and/or Japanese-Americans lived in the US during and prior to WW2; of which over 90,000 lived in California.

Did native Americans have buffalo?

Yes. The plains Indians lived off the buffalo. However there were many tribes of Native Americans. The ones living in the northwest were fishermen.

What group of Native Americans main food source was buffalo?

The buffalo was the main food source of the Plains tribes. This included the Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho and many many other tribes who lived where the buffalo roamed. The buffalo was more than a food source however. The tribes use them for their very survival.

Did many Europeans live in Morocco?

About half a million Europeans lived in Morocco prior to independence in the 1950s.

Who were the famous people who lived in Wyoming?

There have been many famous people who lived in Wyoming. A few of the people are Harrison Ford, Chris LeDoux, and Buffalo Bill Cody.

How many Jews were there in Germany before the Holocaust?

560,000 Jews Lived in Germany prior to the Hitler coming to power

How did the settlement of the Last Frontier change the lives of the Native Americans?

in a nutshell, the settlement of the last frontier changed the lives of natives in many ways. it forced them out of their homeland, depleated the population of their main food sorce (the buffalo), and forced them onto reservations.

How many aboriginal tribes lived before 1788?

There are estimated to have been around 600 aboriginal tribes in Australia prior to 1788.

How many species of buffalo are there?

There are 3 species of buffalo

How many buffalo were there in 1800s?

approximately 47,235 buffalo

How many Buffalo species are there?

There are 3 species of buffalo

How many buffalo did buffalo bill kill a year?


What is the plural of bufflo?

One buffalo Many buffalo They are the same.

How many years does a buffalo live for?

a buffalo lives for about 40 years

How many pages does The Buffalo Saga have?

The Buffalo Saga has 128 pages.

How many pages does The Night Buffalo have?

The Night Buffalo has 236 pages.

Why did many buffalo hunters come to kill buffalos?

Because many Indians depended on buffalo for many of their needs.

How many buffalo are there?


What food did homo erectus eat?

it depended were they lived but their menu included deer, horse, bear, water buffalo, camel,and they also ate many kinds of plants.

How many calories are in buffalo?

In Buffalo millions. Its a city full of fast food eaters and deep fry meats... Or do you mean How many calories are in a Buffalo meat

How many buffalo were left after the civil war?

2 million buffalo were left

How many legs does a water buffalo have?

4. But everyone has a Water Buffalo.

What animals did plains Indians depend on and how did they use the animals?

The main animal used by the plains tribes was the buffalo. The buffalo was used by them for food, the skins for shelter and clothing, they had religious rites celebrating the buffalo. No part of the buffalo was wasted. Before the European settlement there were millions of buffalo in the plains. After the civil war an overt effort to kill off as many buffalo as possible was put into place because it was known to be used by the plains tribes. The railroads would stop and people would shoot buffalo until their guns grew hot. Mountains of buffalo were killed. Combined with the killing of the herds was a drought on the plains and the millions of buffalo were no longer there, but were down to a few thousand. This helped push the plains tribes onto reservations.