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Sony's portable DVD players only hold one DVD at a time. However you can opt to have a larger screen. The players have screens ranging from 7 inches to 9 inches.

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Q: How many DVDs does the Sony portable DVD player hold?
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Does sony make a thin dvd player than can hold ten or more dvds?

There are no thin DVD players by Sony that can hold ten DVDs. They do make jukeboxes that can hold hundreds, however.

what DVd player can hold multipul DVDs?

the Sony DVP-NC800H will hold 5 dvds and the Onkyo DV-CP706B will hold 6. most brands will offer a multiple holding dvd player.

Out of a CD DVD a usb thumb drive or a portable media player which one hold more information?

Which can hold more information - a CD, a DVD, a USB thumb drive, a portable media player?

How many disks does the Sony DVP-NS710HB 1080p Upscaling DVD Player hold?

The Sony DVP-NS710HB is a single disc DVD player.

Are there any DVD changers?

The Sony DVP CX995V DVD changer will hold 400 cds/dvds! Most brands will offer a dvd changers.

How many songs can a Sony MP3 player hold?

A 4GB Sony Walkman will hold up to about 1000 songs, considering each song is three to four megabytes apiece. A 16gb Sony Walkman will hold 4x as much, about 4000 songs total.

Which can hold more information a CD DVD USB thumb drive a portable media player?


What is the best portable CD player to use to connect to an MP3 player?

You cannot connect portable cd players to mp3 players and given the capacity to hold songs on mp3 players their should be no reason to do so.

How many preset stations can the Insignia Portable CD Player with FM Tuner and MP3 Playback hold?

The Insignia Portable CD Player with FM Tuner and MP3 Playback holds 10 preset stations.

Which can hold more information a CD a DVD a USB thumb drive a portable media player?

Portable media player holds the most followed by usb drive. Varies greatly. Portable media players tend to have many Gigs of space. A USB drive can hold anything from a few Meg to many Gigs.

Can the zune 120 hold digital copy dvds?

Yes, the Zune can hold copies of DVD's.

A portable storage device which can hold vast amount of data?

A portable hard drive. The Human Brain. A Portable Storage Container.

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