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There are 53 framers in the U.S. Constitution

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Q: How many Framers were there for the Constitution of the US?
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What type of people were the framers of the constitution?

The framers of the US Constitution were very educated and knowledgeable individuals. They included entrepreneurs, lawyers, and inventors. Many of the framers went on to hold seats within the government that they started.

What did farmers learn from the Articles of Confederation?

The FARMERS is incorrect. It is the FRAMERS of the US Constitution. Please see:What did the Framers of the US Constitution learn from the Articles of Confederation?

What is an original of the US Constitution?

What the framers wanted when they wrote the constitution

How did the framers of the US Constitution view the issue of treaties?

America's founding fathers also had some framers of the Constitution in their ranks. Most historians agree that the founders and framers of the US Constitution envisaged the treaty making process to be the mutual agreement between US president and the US Senate.

What was the Average age for the framers of the us constitution?


What is the framers in us history?

The founding fathers who wrote the US constitution.

Did the framers of the US Constitution in 1787 talked about fractions?


In what ways were the framers of the constitution not representative of the population of the US?

they were men

What could be a sentence with the word framers?

One of the framers fell off of the roof! The framers of the US Constitution seem to have been quite wise.

What term was given to the individuals that created the US Constitution?

They're often referred to as the "Framers of the Constitution." The Framers also happened to be the Founding Fathers of the United States.

The Framers of the Constitution preferred which political arrangement?

The political arrangement preferred by the Framers was that of a republic, rather than a pure democracy, for example. Thomas Jefferson was one of the framers of the US Constitution.

What are framers?

Framers are people who wrote the constitution