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How many French soldiers went to world war 1?

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8317000 men

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How many English soldiers went into world war 2?

All of them.

How many soldiers went to war at the start of World War 2?


Who went to world war1?


How many Australian soldiers went to fight in World War 2?

Approximately a million.

How many british soldiers went to war in World War 2?

i do not know. oh! well!

How did the fridge change the world?

the french went to the french and did the french

How many New Zealand soldiers went to Gallipoli?

14,000 new zealand soldiers went to Gallipoli

How many soldiers went into the Japanese Army in World War 2?

Six (6) million Japanese

How man soldiers went in World War 1 from UK?

209,85 people went into world war one from the uk

How many soldiers went into World War 2?

Here list of main countris military size in world war 2 Britain: 3.5 Million Soldiers Italy: 4.25 Million Soldiers America: 13 Million Soldiers Nazi Germany: 25 Million Soldiers USSR: 32 Million Soldiers

How did british and french soldiers get rescued from Dunkirk?

because people went there to save them and they got saved

After World War 2 many soldiers came home from the war and?

all answers are correct started families, went into family businesses, went back to school

How were soldiers enlisted and went to World War 1?

1 soldier

How many Australian soldiers went to WW1?

The total amount of soldiers who served Australia is 416,809. They went to war as a part of the British Empire.

How many union soldiers went missing during the battle of Chattanooga?

349 Union soldiers went missing during the Battle of Chattanooga.

Where did Canadian soldiers go to fight in World War 1?

The Canadian soldiers went to your under pants to fight.

What name was given to American soldiers who fought in the World War I?

During World War I, as in so many other wars, soldiers from both sides were given nicknames of all sorts. The American soldiers who went 'over there' to fight were no exception, receiving nicknames such as 'doughboys' and 'Yanks,' among many others.

How many people went to war in world war 2?

50 million soldiers from all 57 countries involved in the conflict

Why did soldiers volounter to go to war?

Many soldiers went to war to, Serve their country, Pay for school, and some went because that was their only option. I hope this helped.

How many socks did Martha Washington make for the soldiers?

0 it was all a publicity stunt. The soldiers went sockless

How many Kingdom of Laos soldiers went to the Vietnam war?


What were drafted soldiers from World War 2 lifes?

They went through pain and horror.

How many many Vietnam soldiers came to Australia?

None. Australian soldiers went to Vietnam.

Where did they go after the American Revolution?

well the British went back home , the french went back to France and had a treaty of Paris and the soldiers of the African American were free from slavery

What did soldiers in world war 1 do when they were bored?

they went outside and shot Germans they went outside and shot Germans