World War 1

How many German soldiers were killed in ww1?


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There were 1,773,700 Germans killed in World War I. Another 4,216,058 were wounded, and 1,152,500 were missing in action or taken prisoner. 64.5 percent of their armed forces were casualties.

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2,050,897 German soldiers died in ww1

1,808, 000 Germans were killed in 4 years. (the length of time ww1) More German soldiers were killed than any other nation

About 908,000 Great British soldiers were killed in WW1

470,000 English Soldiers were killed in WW1

4,247,143 German soldiers were wounded in battle during the Great War.

210 million German soldiers fought in WW1..... or was it 210? i cant remember :D

Well my textbook says 26,000 were killed. i don't know how many were wounded.

Approx. 500 000 soldiers dead, wounded, missing or captured.

It would be hard to say how many soldiers were fighting for Germany in the last days of World War One. However I can tell you that according to the book, About the Great War (by Michael E. Hanlon, El Sobrante, CA, THC Publishing, 1992) 1,808,000 German soldiers were killed in WW1. According to the Treaty of Versaille, Germany was only allowed to have a defense force of 100,000 soldiers.

they got and hour to burry there dead

65 million men were mobolised during WW1, and 8.5 million were killed, 21 million were wounded, and 7.7 million were POWsSo just over 1 in 7 soldiers were killedA further 1 in 3 were woundedAnd 1 in 9 were capturedSo over half of all soldiers that took part were killed, wounded or captured.

she saved as many as 1,5000 allied soldiers in WW1, who would;ve been caught, killed or imprisoned

About 150,000 soldiers deserted from the German Army, many of them fled to neutral countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland. Only 18 from those caught were executed. In WW2 10,000 deserters were shot.

Around 6-7 million british soldiers fought in WW1 xx

Chlorine gas was a gas which killed many soldiers on the front lines, and it caused death from the 'melting' of the lungs after inhaling it.

How do you expect someone to count this 😂

Rickenbacker shot down 26 enemy aircraft in World War I. How many of the pilots were killed is not known, nor is the number of ground troops he might have killed.

Over 91,000 soldiers died from gas poisoning during WW1. The link below provides a breakdown by country of how many of their soldiers died by gassing.

230,000 britons british were killed

Yes.. In the WW1 memorial in Washington D.C.

who was the last surviving soldier from ww1 in nz? what year did he die

Soldiers fight against another team which is called a war. For example: In WW1, English soldiers fought against the German soldiers.It is not a very nice thing to do because you may die.

About 50.000 soldiers, total about 250.000 soldiers

'Fritz' was the nickname for all German soldiers in WW1. The Bristish were called 'Tommy's' I believe.

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