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How many Germans died in the Battle of Britain?


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there were many who died. there were so many that many of the people in time that had tried to count have lost track. there was about 2800 people that died. that was what many people have come to.


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498 royal air force pilots died in the battle of Britain

No German civilians died in the Battle of Britain ! -It was an air battle over the skies of southern England.

Around 4000 people who fought in the battle of Britain died

250 RAF pilots died in the Battle of Britain

They shot down so many German aircraft that the Germans decided not to go on with this and stopped bombing England.

Over 9,000 Germans died at Kursk in 1943. In total there were over 50,000 German casualties suffered during this battle.

Over 3,500 Canadian soldiers and an unknown number of Germans. Although the Germans suffered about 20,000 casualties in that battle. It is unknown how many died and how many were wounded.

In total, about 170,000 people died during the Battle of Berlin. This includes 95,000 Germans and 75,000 Allied troops.

The Germans lost 100,000 and the Soviets lost 81,116.

650,000 lives German lives were taken (roughly)

Casualties in the Battle of Britain were:German Military: 2,500British Military: 544British Civilians: 23,000

The Battle was one battle but the battle consisted of constant fighting between the Russians and the Germans. Around a year of fighting. If you wanted to call skirmishes battles than over 500. Over 1,000,000 Russians and 500,000 Germans died.

About 50,000 initially died but more could of died due to the battle. This is because, around 29,000 Germans were either captured or missing and this could increase the German death toll for the Battle of the Bulge.

Apparently not as many of them survived.

According to History Learning Site over 500,000 Germans died during the battle at Kursk. The link below has more information that you might be interested in.

No Italian aircraft or aircrews were used by the axis in the battle of Britain it was entirely a Luftwaffe affair. The Germans were always contemptuous of their Italian allies with their outdated aircraft and poorly trained personnel.

There are thousands of pictures of the Battle of Britain, in many books and collections.

In total, 95,000 Germans were killed. This includes 73,000 Military and 22,000 Civilians deaths. 22,000 Civilians and 22,000 German military personnel died inside the Berlin defence area.

There have been many battles fought in Britain you may mean the Battle of Britain if you are refering to WW2.

Yes, many Canadian airmen took part in the Battle of Britain.

This a rather hard question to answer. German civilians were not involved in the Battle of Britain (or at least not directly - they did contribute by manufacturing German aircraft in factories). The Battle of Britain was fought entirely over England itself and was an air battle. It was an attempt by Germany to destroy the RAF by bombing airfields out of existence.

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