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Q: How many Hilton hotels are in Los Angeles?
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What are some hotels in downtown LA?

Los Angeles is full of high rated hotels. The Omni, Ritz Carlton, The Marriot, The Hilton. The Westin-Bonaventure, which has been featured in movies is an excellent choice.

When was Hermine Hilton born?

Hermine Hilton was born in Los Angeles, in California, USA.

What are some hotels in Los Angeles that offer swimming pools?

There are many hotels in Los Angeles that have swimming pools. Magic Castle Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, Hotel Bel-Air, Mr. C. Beverly Hills just to name a few of the many.

What is the cheapest hotels in Los Angeles?

If you are staying in the Los Angeles area, the best cheap hotels available would be either the Super 8 or the hotels through the Marriot nationwide chain.

When was Robyn Hilton born?

Robyn Hilton was born in 1940, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Where is the Hilton near the airport in Los Angeles?

The Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel is located close to the airport at 5711 West Century Boulevarde, Los Angeles, California, 90045. There is a shuttle bus running to the hotel four times an hour from the airport.

When did Harlan Hilton die?

Harlan Hilton died in August 1930, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

I need to find out about hotels in Los Angeles.?

There are A LOT of great hotels in the Los Angeles area, with a variety of price ranges and amenities. Some nice ones include: the Los Angeles Marriott and the Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens.

What is the location of Boyle Hotels?

The location of Boyle Hotels is in Los Angeles, California. It is owned by East Los Angeles Community Corporation. It is a low income housing property.

When did Hilton Anderson die?

Hilton Anderson died on May 7, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

When did LaSesne Hilton die?

LaSesne Hilton died on August 28, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

When was Rick Hilton born?

Rick Hilton was born on August 17, 1955, in Los Angeles, California, USA.