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No test is guaranteed to be 100% accurate, however, the normal cause of a negative pregnancy test is that the person being tested is not pregnant.


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dear sir/madam am going to take iui, so howmany days should I take rest after iui and shall I go to my job (am working woman) (Like climbing steps, walking for too long...travelling..? Are there any restrictions for any of this?)

I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms at the beginning of my pregnancy (not all women do). My husband & I conceived via IUI. I'd have to say all bodies are different & thus they produce hormones at different rates, but this was our situation: We were told by our fertility doctor to take a pregnancy test 12 days after our IUI. I took a pregnancy test 10 days after our IUI and it was negative. I took a pregnancy test 12 days after our IUI and it was positive. About 10 to 12 days would be the very earliest, just like a "natural" pregnancy.

yes, it can give the false positive up to 10 days after the injection. ~pawsalmighty What are you paying your doctor for?, He/she should be telling you all this.

Both sets of Gosselin multiples were concieved as the result of IUI (InterUterine Insemination).

im in the same boat. call your doctor who proformed the iui

No, the Gosselin twins were concieved via InterUtering Insemination (IUI). Same for the Sextuplets, they were concieved by IUI.

Inter Uterine Insemination

Kate Gosselin did IUI, IntraUterine Insemination. The most common drug used for IUI is Clomid.

aug22 my first iui done.after iui 2days higher stomach pain for me.and another days stomach pain is low.and then slightly lower stomach pain for me.what are the symptoms for this is?pls answered for me?

were you taking hormones or injections, if so then yes it is a false positive, if not then wait a week or two and test again, goodluck

About 10% for each try.

It is best to wait 14 days after the IUI to have a pregnancy test done. A blood test at that. I am in the same process and my physician sugested that I wait the full 14 days to avoid any false-negatives or false-positives. It has been 5days since my IUI and the wait tests my patience daily. I was also told that the injectables and IUI may feel like your pregnant as the symptoms are similar. Good Luck

If you partner's vasectomy was successful you can't perform an IUI with his semen. If you'd find a sperm donor to provide the material for you to help you with your child wish, you could.

yes this is a proven fact. My mom had her period every month not knowing she was pregnant. she got tested and sure enough it was positive. she had a normal flow and no current signs of pregnancy.

Generally it is safe to resume your normal daily activities, however you should discuss this with your doctor. Rest is the best after IUI. Avoid heavy lifting or any strenuous activity.

you can start testing at around 10 days past the IUI, you want to make sure that if you had a trigger shot that the HCG is out of your system. testing at 10 days past could possibly still give you a false negative, if you want to be more accurate and have patience, you should wait until 12-14 days after the IUI.

It was for me. About 10 days after my iui I could not stop belching and passing gas. It was insane...non stop all day. That and itchy nipples were the only signs I had prior to a positive hpt.

Yes. If you take antivirals, that reduces the shedding of the virus so that your partner's chances of getting infected are lower. You can always do IUI also.

May be it is due to Ovulation.

If you used a medication during the process that contains HCG, you have to wait 10 days to let it get out of your system, or you could get a false positive. That said, you could begin doing home tests 10 days or more after the IUI, use first morning urine, and if you begin testing before day 12 then you can expect a possible false negative test. good luck! ~pawsalmighty

I had the same done today actually. It will still take 10 to 14 days before implantation of a fertilized egg would occur. This must occur before you would get a positive reading on a pregnancy test. Try re-testing on the first day of your missed period.

If it is just a standard non hormonal IUI, then this is perfectly normal. IUI's cause your periods to be heavier, (with exception of the minerva coil.) and can cause spotting a few days after fitting. The above answer seems to be referring to the "fitting" of an IUD...not the administration of an IUI. I had an IUI 2 days ago, and I have not had any spotting. However, the paper that my fertility clinic sent me home with stated that some spotting would be normal right after the procedure. I do not believe you should still be spotting 4 days afterwards. I am a RN, and I think this is something you should call your doctor's office about.

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