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Where do the Iberian lynxes live?

The Iberian lynxes live in Europe and a little bit in Portugal ;)

Are Iberian lynx already extinct?

Iberian Lynxes are not extinct but very critically endangered, with only 150-300 left in the wild.

Where are Iberian lynxes found?

Spain, Portugal, the Iberian Peninsula.

Where do Spanish lynxes live?

The Iberian Peninsula

Do Iberian lynxes give live birth?

Lynx do give live birth. I had to do a project. I know what I am talking about

What types of lynxes are there?

Iberian, Canada, caracal, bobcat, Eurasian.

What hunts European rabbits?

Iberian lynxes and Spanish imperial eagles.

How many lynxes are left in the world?

There are close to 400 lynxes left in the world. We should take care of their habitats, so they don't die out.

What are Iberian lynxes hunted for?

The Iberian lynx is hunted, because people like killing them for their fur to make jackets, scarfs, and other clothing.

What is the habitat if the Iberian Lynx?

Unlike Eurasian and Canadian lynxes, Iberian lynx are not dense forest cats. They prefer open forests, scrubs, and places similar to either of the previous.

How long are Iberian lynxes pregnant?

The gestation period, or length of pregnancy, for an Iberian lynx is two months. They give birth to two or three cubs. The mother cares for the young alone.

What are some animals in Spain?

Spain has a variety of animals in the country. Some of the native animals are Cantabrian brown bears, Iberian lynxes, Iberian wolves, tortoises, small reptiles, wild goats and snakes.

Where does the Iberian lynx live?

the Iberian lynx lives in EuropeThe Iberian Lynx live in Europe. Found solely in Iberian peninsula in Spain, the wild cat is likely to be the first to go extinct among feline species.For more information about Iberian Lynxes go to the link in the Related Links.the Iberian Lynx lives in Spain and Portugal.p.s help save these endangered animal species on they're way to extinction:((one of the rarest cats

How do Iberian Lynxes get water?

They lap it up with their tongues like other cats. Unlike dogs, however, cats bring the water up under their tongues.

Do lynxes eat wolves?

Wolves eat lynxes. Wolves are bigger than lynxes. But lynxes makes no part of the wolves' menu.

What are facts about the Iberian Lynx?

The Iberian lynx is the most endangered cat species in the world, with only about 300 left in the wild. The Iberian lynx is one of four lynx species. The Iberian lynx is also known as the Spanish or Pardel lynx.

Are the lynx and bobcat the same creature?

While closely related due to direct descendancy, no. North America is the only continent that the Bobcat inhabits. Lynxes are Eurasian, Iberian peninsular AND North American. However the debate seems to rage on. Check out the related links (Get it, related lynx?) below for more info:

Do lynxes live in Africa?

No, there are no lynxes in Africa.

How tall are lynxes?

70 cm (Eurasian lynx, Adult, At Shoulder) 60 - 70 cm (Iberian lynx, At Shoulder, Adult) 48 - 56 cm (Canada lynx, Adult,At Shoulder)

Do lynxes eat rabbits?

Lynxes eats rabbits.

When the hare population increased what happened to the lynx population and why?

Hares are a food source for lynxes. Lynxes are a predator of hares. Hares rely on plants for food and lynxes rely on hares (inter alia) for food. If the hare population increases due, perhaps, to lots of good plant food, then the lynxes (and maybe the foxes) have more food and can support more babies which survive to maturaty. Too many lynxes and too few hares means not enough food for the lynxes. Baby lynxes starve and the balance is adjusted. JCF

Do lynxes have spots?

Yes, lynxes have spotted fur.

Why are lynxes killed?

Lynxes are killed for their soft, shiny fur

Why is the Iberian Lynx called the Iberian Lynx?

The Iberian Lynx is called Iberian Lynx cuz it lives in the Iberian Peninsular.

Why are lynxes endangered species?

Lynxes live around the world and some species are more endangered than others. For example, the Iberian lynx lives in Europe and may become the first cat species to become extinct for the last 2,000 years. As with most endangered animals, humans are to blame for their predicament. Loss of habitat and hunting are driving these animals to extinction.