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How many Iditarod races has Gary Paulsen participated in?

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Gary Paulsen finished only one Iditarod and scratche the two other times he attempted the race. Go to the official site to confirm

Gary Paulsen is famous for running Iditarod and for writing over 125 books.

Gary Paulsen ran in the iditarod nine times he says hes making his journey around the seas one to remember

No, but He did finish; no small feat in itself.

there are many different Iditarods that Gary Paulsen ran. it is hard to answer that for he ran multiple iditarods. there was one in 1983, 2004, 2006, etc.

Gary Paulsen's dream when he was around 16 he wanted to be a writer. He was in the Iditarod twice before.

In 1983 and 1985 and in 2006 but stopped after 2 days.

Gary Paulsen competed in the Iditarod. You may have not heard of him but he has written over 200 children books!

Gary Paulsen has competed in the iditarod three times. I believe that he only competed 2 times. Yea it was twice Well, I depends on if you count the the last one he raced in. He dropped out of his third one after about 2 or 3 days so if you're talking about how many races he finished it was 2. If you're asking about how many he entered it was 3.

Yes lee Paulsen is related to Gary Paulsen

Yes. Gary Paulsen is related to Lee Paulsen.

Gary Paulsen was in a circus.

well he finished the race but he did not win first place and i am not sure what place he got when he finished

Forty-three years old (Finger lake chapter- page 169)

Gary Paulsen had 26 dogs.

Gary Paulsen lives in Mexico.

Gary paulsen has three kids

Gary Paulsen was born on May 17, 1939.

Gary Paulsen was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Gary Paulsen lived with his grandmother and aunt.

Yes, Gary paulsen is still alive.

As it is the name of a person, Gary Paulsen is a proper noun.

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