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Q: How many Irish people marry English people each year?
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Why do the Irish speak English differently than North Americans?

Each region where English is spoken has its own accents and dialects that are the result of the local history and the non-English languages with which its people were familiar. The Irish speak English with an Irish accent while the Americans speak it with their own, different accents.

Do the Irish and the Scottish speak the same language?

The majority of Irish people and Scottish people speak English, so on that basis the answer is yes. There is also Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic, which are similar but different languages, that are spoken by some people in each country.

Can white people marry black people?

Yes, they can marry each other if they wish to.

What is the difference in Irish Scottish English Welsh?

Each is a country in its own right. Each has a language of its own and speaks English as well.

Do the Scottish and Irish hate each other?

No they don't. Irish people and Scottish people get on very well.

Why don't Italian and Irish people like each other?

Italian and Irish people generally get on very well together.

Why do the Irish and English hate each other?

For many centuries, Ireland was a conquered province of England and the Irish felt themselves treated as second class in their own country. After the Potato Famine, to which most English were indifferent, Irish hate for the English became stronger.

When people get marry?

Of love and wanting, commitment is to people with each other how long.

Is it illegal for gay people to marry each other in Texas?

Two people of the same sex are not permitted to marry each other in Texas. However, the way your question is worded, you leave open the option for a gay man and a gay woman to marry each other, which is legal.

Is the Irish language fading?

English and Irish are the two official languages of Ireland. English is the more widely spoken, but many people can speak Irish and many of those speak it fluently. Irish is a compulsory subject in all Irish schools. There are areas in Ireland, each known as a Gaeltacht, where the Irish language is the main language spoken. These are mostly along the west coast of Ireland. All around Ireland there are schools that use Irish as their main language for all lessons. The Irish language is used in many placenames, or is the origin of some of the English language placenames. Street names appear in both English and Irish on signs. Many organisations, particularly state agencies, use an Irish language name. There are Irish language radio and television stations and Irish language programmes also are broadcast on channels that mostly use English. Many people are actively working to promote the Irish language and many organisations are involved in this work. So while it is not the main language spoken in Ireland and is not as strong as it has been, it is still there and it is a very important part of Irish heritage and culture.

Can two sisters still marry in Nebraska?

Two sisters may marry in Nebraska but they may not marry each other.Two sisters may marry in Nebraska but they may not marry each other.Two sisters may marry in Nebraska but they may not marry each other.Two sisters may marry in Nebraska but they may not marry each other.

Can a guy from dhananjaya gotra marry a girl from same gotra with different surname?

No you can not marry her. According to Hinduism people from same gotras can not marry each other.

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