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The Japanese lost 29 aircraft in the attack.

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How many Japanese planes were shot down during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

During the attack on Pearl Harbor 29 of 360 Japanese planes were shot down. Only a few US planes made it in the air, so most Japanese planes were shot down by the sailors on the vessels in the harbor. The Japanese lost nine aircraft in the first attack wave and twenty in the second.

How many Japanese were killed in the battle of Pearl Harbor?

around twenty-four Japanese planes were shot down

How many Japanese planes did the Army Air Corps shoot down at Pearl Harbor?


How many planes attacked Pearl Harbor?

Over 350 planes of attacked Pearl Harbor. Only 29 were shot down.

How many American planes were destroyed at pearl harbor?

347 planes were shot down

How many Japanese planes were shot down at Pearl?

29 of 360 planes were shot down.

How did the US fight back at Pearl Harbor?

Yes. In fact sevearl p-30's and p-36's fighter planes took off during the attack on Pearl Harbor and shot down 13 Japanese fighter planes. The 13 planes was no hit compared to the 353 planes that acually were involved in the attack.

How many Japenease planes were shot down at Pearl Harbor?

Approximately 29.

Did the Americans shoot down any planes in the Pearl Harbor attack?

yes they did

Did the US fight back in when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor?

They were caught with their pants down so to speak, however they did manage to shoot down over 131 planes during the attacks.

How many kamakasie planes got shot down by the Americans on December seventh 1941?

The Japanese didn't use Kamikaze at Pearl Harbor. That practice started in 1944. The Japanese lost 29 planes and 4 midget submarines on December 7th.

Did world war 2 happen in the US?

Yes, and that was Pearl Harbor and the Japanese made an air raid attack with 300 planes only 29 were shot down one of the first was planes shot down was bye Dorie Miller the man in the picture he was the first African-American. Pearl Harbor is how the US joined WW2 and other American Territories. --------------- WWII happened throughout Europe. Pearl Harbor was just the act by the Japanese DURING the war that caused the US to join the fight.

What was the Japanese loss at Pearl Harbor?

I have only found that they lost less than 100 men. I know that 3 submarines were sunk and 29 planes were shot down.

Who shot down three planes at pearl harbor?

Chief Petty Officer John Finn

How many Japanees died at pearl harbor?

approximately 13 in the 9 planes shot down

How many Japanese aircraft were shot down over Pearl Harbor?

Japanese losses were comparatively light. Twenty-nine planes, less than 10 percent of the attacking force, failed to return to their carriers.

Why had diplomatic negotiations broken down during Pearl Harbor?

Diplomatic negotiations of pearl harbor broke down because the Japanese felt threatened with such a massive fleet in the Pacific Ocean.

Did any us planes fight back on dec7?

Yes a couple of U.S planes took off from the ground but many never left the ground. The main thing that shoot down Japanese planes was the U.S anti-aircraft guns. We lost 2403 people at Pearl Harbor.

Who shot down the first Japanese plane at Pearl Harbor?

Arlie Wilson. He was a cook onboard a ship in dock at the time of the attack. He went on deck and operated one of the guns to become the first person to shoot down a Japanese plane at Pearl Harbor.

What was unique about Dorrie Miller and the attack of Pearl Harbor?

Dorrie Miller was a cook/dishwasher on the ship rather than being a machine gunner which he had never been trained on and allegedly shot down four Japanese planes.

Who was the Japanese navy commander of the attacking force on Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese commander and planner of the attack on Pearl Harbor was Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. He remained as an American nemesis throughout most of the Pacific War. He was killed in 1943 when a plane he was in was shot down.

Where there Japanese POWs from the Pearl Harbor attack?

No, those shot down died in the crash or didn't surrender This is not correct. There was one POW taken at Pearl Harbor: Kazuo Sakamaki, a midget submarine officer.

What did America use to attack Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was part of America. It was the Japanese who actually attacked Pearl Harbor. What they did was they sent a large number of aircraft into the Harbor. The objective was to destroy as much of the U.S. Navy positioned there as possible. To do this, they did many things. They bombed the ships and shot them with the armaments on their planes. (What I mean is they bombed them and shot them with missiles and guns.) Also, they crashed into the ships. When a plane either ran out of ammo or was about to go down, the pilot would attempt to crash into a ship. Most of the planes had explosives in them that they did not use, so when they needed to do this they could add a bigger bang to the explosion.

Did any American pilots get airborne to fight at Pearl Harbor?

Yes! There were somewhere between six and nine P-40 pursuit planes that managed to take off and were successful in shooting down some planes in the second wave. The Japanese lost 20 planes in that wave to AA fire, aircraft and small arms fire.

How many planes flew into pearl harbor?

some sources say 180 and others say 350, but only 29 were shot down. and over 300 US planes were damaged or destroyed.