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1. Some Japanese mini-subs reached US territory in 1941 (Pearl Harbor). 2. One Japanese submarine shelled Santa Barbara California with it's deck gun. 3. One Japanese submarine launched an airplane which bombed Brookings, Oregon.

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How many submarines did the Japanese use in the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War 2?

There were five midget Japanese submarines : I-16, I-18, I-20, I-22, and I-24 .

How many Japanese submarines attacked pearl harbor?


How many submarines did Japan have in World War 2?

During World War 2, it is reported that over 2,000 variants of Japanese Submarines were used during World War 2. Out of this, it is estimated that 10,000s were likely to be used during WW2.

How many American submarines were in Pearl Harbor when it was attacked by the Japanese?


How many Japanese submarines entered Sydney harbor in 1942?


How many operational submarines did imperial Japanese navy had during war?


How many submarines did germany have in world war 1?

2,200,000 Soldiers 97 Warships 40 Submarines.

How are submarines used for pleasure?

Shallow diving submarines are used for reef watching in many parts of the world.

How many submarines are there in the world?

About 435. Any consensus?

How many Japanese submarines were used in the attack of pearl harbor?

Approximately 28 (23 fleet subs, 5 midget subs). Note that 80% of the midget submarines were destroyed, while the fleet submarines suffered no losses.

Were submarines used in world war 1?

Yes, many submarines were used in WW1 by most of the major combatants.

How many british submarines sunk World War 2?

The British lost 76 submarines during WWII.

How many submarines did Russia have in World War 1?

1, 200,000 Soldiers 30 Warships 11 Submarines.

How many US submarines were lost in World War 2?

52 US submarines were lost in WW2. This was about 1 in every 5 submarines that the US had in WW2

How many nuclear submarines are working in the world?

nearly 155

How many submarines did the US have in World War 2?


How many submarines did the US have in World War Two?

There are different answers to that but the most common one is that the USN had 288 submarines in WW2

How many US submarines sank in World War 2?


How many british submarines were lost in World War 2?


How many German submarines were lost in World War 2?


How many submarines did the us have in World War II?

eighty five

Was the submarine a success or a failure?

Many early submarines were failures. However, as many countries in the world now own and even build submarines, we could reasonably call them a success.

How many submarines did the Navy have at the End of World War 2?

USN about 250.

Where was the submarine made at?

Submarines are made in many places all over the world

How were submarines made in world war 2?

About 2,100 by many different countries.