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There were no Japanese troops involved. And only aircraft actually attacked Pearl Harbor, their task force of ships were many, many miles away.

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What planes attacked directly at Pearl Harbor?

the Japanese attacked pearl harbor

Who flew the planes that struck pearl harbor?

The Japanese.

What attack the pearl harbor?

The Japanese with Kamikaze planes

What kind of Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor?

Japanese bombers

how many planes where there that bombed pearl harbor?

The Japanese had 414 aircraft that strafed and/or bombed Pearl Harbor.

How many planes did the Japanese lose in Pearl Harbor?


How many us planes were destroyed at Pearl Harbor?

328 American planes were destroyed at Pearl Harbor but only 29 Japanese aircraft were destroyed

What did Japanese do to Pearl Harbor in World War 2?

They sent their planes from aircraft carriers and bombed the US military's planes and ships at Pearl Harbor.

Did the Japanese attack pear harbor with a bomb?

The Japanese dropped many bombs and crashed planes into Pearl Harbor.

How many US planes were destroyed in Pearl Harbor?

The total amount of planes that were destroyed/damaged at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was 328 American planes that were destroyed/damaged, and 29 Japanese planes that were destroyed.

How many Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor?

423 airplanes attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

How many Japanese planes were taken out in the pearl harbor attack?

is it 29

When did Japanese planes bomb Pearl Harbor?

December 7, 1941

How many waves of Japanese planes bombed Pearl Harbor?


What companies made Japanese planes that attacked pearl harbor?


How many Japanese planes were used to attacked pearl harbor?


Where did Japanese fleet go after Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese Fleet returned to Japan after they attacked Pearl Harbor. They did not want any Naval planes or ships coming after them.

What did the Japanese travel in to bomb pearl harbor?

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in bomber planes, fighter planes, submarines, and torpedo bombers. They also planned to use midget submarines but most didn't make it.

How did the pearl Harbor start?

On December 7, 1941 the Japanese flew into Pearl Harbor and dropped bombs on the fleet and planes on the base.

What model were the Japanese planes used at pearl harbor?

Zero, Kate and Val

What happen to the Pearl Harbor?

It was bombed by Japanese planes (including suicide bombers)

How were the ships a Pearl Harbor sunk?

Japanese zeros carried torpedoes on their planes

How many Japanese planes were shot down during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

During the attack on Pearl Harbor 29 of 360 Japanese planes were shot down. Only a few US planes made it in the air, so most Japanese planes were shot down by the sailors on the vessels in the harbor. The Japanese lost nine aircraft in the first attack wave and twenty in the second.

What is the name of the bomber that drop the the first atomic in Pearl Harbor?

there was no bombs dropped in pearl harbor, the Japanese crashed planes known as "Kamikazes" into it

How many US planes were destroyed in the attack of Pearl Harbor?

The number of planes that were destroyed in Pearl Harbor were 188 and the number of planes that were damaged in Pearl Harbor were 159.