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How many Jewish Laws where broken during the trial of Jesus?

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1. Jewish laws provide for what is known as a preliminary

examination before a magistrate first and not by a priest (John


2. The trial was held at the High Priest's Palace. No trial was

ever held at the residence of the high priest. All meetings of the

Sanhedrin were held in the hall adjoining the temple. A trial at

any other place would have been illegal.

3. Blasphemy is not a Capital offense that warrants a death


4. Jewish court do not question prisoner. Mt 26:62-64

5. The Jewish law prohibited the opening of a trial at night. Mt


7. No Capital Offense trials were allowed one day before


8. No defender was assigned to Jesus. "If none of the judges

defend the culprit, i.e., all pronounce him guilty, having no

defender in the court, the verdict of guilty was invalid and the

sentence of death could not be executed" (Maimonides)."

9. Had Jesus been tried and convicted, he would be stoned, not


10. Jewish trial of capital offenses requires at least 2 days.

One day for the prosecutor and another day for the defense.

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