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there are 3 Jonas brothers

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I do not think so as of July 2008.

Four. Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Frankie Jonas.

3 nick Jonas,joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas

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how many records has the Jonas brothers had? how many records has the Jonas brothers had?

In the band, 'Jonas Brothers', there are three members, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. However, in the Jonas family, there are four. Frankie Jonas is the youngest Jonas Brother at the age of nine.

(3) joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Frankie

(3) nick Jonas,Kevin Jonas, and Frankie

(3) nick Jonas,joe Jonas,and Frankie

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One, "Bonus Jonas" Frank (Franklin Nathaniel) Jonas.

Nick Jonas is 115 pounds. Joe Jonas is 140 pounds. Kevin Jonas is 135 pounds.

Three. 1. Joe Adam Jonas 2. Paul Kevin Jonas 3. Frankie Jonas

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Three. Joseph Adam Jonas, Paul Kevin Jonas II, and Franklyn Nathaniel Jonas.

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