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London has hosted the Olympic Games on three occasions: 1908, 1948 and 2012.

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Have the Olympics ended yet?

The 2012 London Summer Olymipics are over, yeahh, The next Summer Olympics will be heals in Brazil.

Did Serena and Venus' make it in the olymipics?

Serena and Venus made it to the olymipics

How many people are in the olymipics?

How many people are in the Olympic? There are over 204 because thats just the countries..

How often do you have the olymipics in England?

London is the only city in the UK to hold the Olympics. It has held them in 1908 (the 4th games), 1948 (the 14th games) and 2012 (the 30th games).

When did the Olymipics start?

they started in 200 bc

How many people have won medals in the olymipics through karate?

That would be none, as Karate is not an Olympic sport. Taekwondo is in the Olympics.

Where did the Olymipics starts?

The Olympic games originated in Ancient Greece.

What did Wilma Rudolph parents do for a living?

she ran traks and raced in olymipics

Where in the world do they light the Olympic torch?

last country that held the Olymipics

What is the olymipics?

the olympics is a sport and aother contries come and do it to win medales.

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