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How many MB are there in a MP3 file?

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depends on the quality that the mp3 was recorded. So the length of the song, bitrate, number channels etc. all matter. An mp3 audio file with acceptable quaility, and average length is about 3 to 6 mb.

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How many megabytes would be in a mp3 file?

32 megabyte

What determines the size of an mp3 file?

megabytes mb

How many mp3 tracks can you save on one CD?

About 100 to 150. The average MP3 file is about 4.0 Megabytes. A CD stores 640 Megabytes.

A song on a CD requires 32mb How many megabytes would it be in an MP3 file?

it would be 2mb due to compression programs.

How many songs can 10 megabytes hold?

Depends entirely on the length of the song and the file type such as .mp3 or .wav. In the case of .wav files anywhere from 20 to 32 songs can fit on 700 mb, therefore not even one song would fit into 10 mb. One or two .mp3 songs can fit in 10 mb. It all depends on the size of the file in question.

How do convert my mp3 file 3mb to 3 KB?

This is not possible. MP3 files are already heavily compressed. There's no way to fit the enormous amount of data that a 3 MB MP3 file would have into just 3 KB.

How many songs does a 30 gig Zune hold?

Well, the average 3 minute long mp3 file is about 5 megabytes. So...about 6,000.

An mp3 player can hold how many MB?

It really dependes. All mp3's are different.

How can I convert a wav to mp3?

Well, I would recommend converting wav files to mp3 files with a wav file to mp3 file converter. There are many wav file to mp3 file converters offered for use.

How much time is used for a megabyte in minutes?

A good quality MP3 file typically uses about one megabyte per minute - but large variations are possible.

30 MB is how many seconds on a mp3?

a fair bit

How many songs can fit in a 256 megabyte mp3 player?

Generally, it depends on how big the file of your music is. The bigger the music file, the less music files can be fit inside. The smaller the music files, the more music files can be fit inside the 256 mb mp3 player. To fit in more songs, I would suggest compressing the music files.

How many megabytes in a 4 minute song?

about 40 megabytes in a uncompressed file, like in a 16 bit 44khz wave format(.wav). For MP3 encoded at 128k samples per second, around 4 Mbytes.

The file extension mp3 means the file is?

The file extension mp3 means that the file is an audio file, and is usually some sort of music file. However, mp3 can also be used for sound recordings that are done for businesses, and many other things as well.

How many minutes in 20 megabyte?

It really depends on what kind of file and encoding you are using. If you are using an MP3 at 128kbps it will be about 1MB per minute. If you are using a WAV file at CD quality it will be closer to 10MB per minute.

How much does 4gb hold in songs and or pictures?

The average mp3 music file is 4 mb, so around a thousand songs.

How many minutes in 25 MB file?

If you mean in a music file, or other sound file, it varies widely, depending on the quality of the music. A good quality MP3 uses about 1 MB for every minute of sound, but you can still get an acceptable quality for a fraction of a MB/minute. Anyway, 1 MB/minute seems to be typical.

How many hours of music is equal to 1 GB?

It really depends on the quality of the music, mainly. A high-quality MP3 or Ogg Vorbis file can take up several times more MB per minute than a low-quality version. However, I usually estimate 1 MB per minute, for a typical MP3 file; that gives you about 1000 minutes, or (roughly) 17 hours.

How many KB are in one song?

This depends on the length of the song and the file format/type. A typical mp3 song of around 4 minutes averages 4 MB (4000 KB).

How many seconds are in one byte?

Those are, of course, incompatible units. If you are referring to sound files, it depends a lot on the quality and the type of file, but a typical MP3 file uses about 1 MB (roughly a million bytes) per minute. A high-quality movie uses several MB per minute.

How can you convert a gp5 file to mp3 file?

Just Export as MIDI file.. Then, convert MIDI file to Mp3 file.

How can I convert a wav file into an mp3 easily?

Well, I would recommend converting wav files into mp3 files with a wav file to mp3 file format converter. There are many converters that are offered for use for a fee of no charge.

What is file extension FOR mp3?


How many songs can 62.5 MB hold?

How many songs can 62.5 MB hold?WAV Files - 1MP3 Files - 13 if the MP3 files are saved at 160 to 320 kbps (approx 5.5MB each)Text Files - Tens of thousandsVideo Files - 1Word/Pages files - 600 +Excel/Numbers spreradsheets - 600 +62.5 MB isn't much but it's useful for small file storage.

How many 5mb mp3 file can be stored on a 1gb flash drive?

5MB 1MB=1048576 bytes 5*1048576=5242880 bytes in a 5 MB file 5MB mp3 files stored in a 1GB folder in flash drive (1GB=1073741) a total of. 2047998..... Files can be stored in. A(1073741/5242880=2047998....