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You are traveling at 6.14 miles per hour.

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Q: How many MPH are you traveling at a rate of 540 feet per minute?
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What is the rate in feet per minute of a car that is traveling 68mi?

68 mph = 5,984 feet per minute.

What An ant is traveling at a speed of 2 inches per second. At this rate how many feet will it travel in 1 minute?

It will travel ten feet.

If Traveling at the rate of 540 feet per minute is approximately How Many Miles Per Hour?

Multiply 0.0113636364 by 540

Distance travaled in feet after 45 seconds at 60 mph?

Assuming the rate of 60 mph is constant, traveling 60 mph means you are traveling one mile per minute. Since 45 seconds is 3/4 of a minute, you have traveled 3/4 of a mile, or3,960 feet

What is the unit rate for 5280 feet to4 minutes?

The unit rate would be feet per 1 minute in this case 1320 feet/minute

What is the rate per minute for traveling 78 miles in 20 minutes?


What is your rate in feet per minute if you run 5miles in 1 hour?

If you run 5 miles in 1 hour your rate is 440 feet per minute.

How many minutes does it take to walk 486 ft?

The answer is probably somewhat influenced by the rate at which you walk.For example:-- If you walk at the rate of 486 feet per minute, it takes 1 minute.-- If you walk at the rate of (1/486) feet per minute, it takes 486 minutes.Let's assume military gait and cadence:18-inch step, 120 per minute = 180 feet per minute, or about 2.045 miles per hour.At that rate, it takes (486/180) = 2.7 minutes

What is cubic feet per minute?

It is an old measure for rate rate of flow.

What is the rate of 20000 feet and 5.2 minutes?

3846.184 feet per minute, approx

Convert the rate 8 feet per second into feet per minute?

8 feet per second = 480 feet per minute Just multiply eight by sixty because there are sixty seconds in a minute.

If a divers air consumption rate is 25 psi per minute what would be the consumption rate at 66 feet of seawater?

75 psi/minute