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It is estimated that there are between 7,000 and 10,000 MRI machines in the US. There are also a number of other machines, frequently referred to as nMR spectrometers, which are essentially the same device, but much smaller and used for chemical analyses.

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How many mri machines in Canada?


How many MRI machines in England?


Number of mri machines in Germany?

number of mri maachines in germany

How many mri machines in Romania?

An correct answer is difficult; 10 or 20, probably.

How are MRI machines made?

As with most modern machines, they are made in factories.

How many MRI machines in the UK?

There were 304 according to a report issued in March 2011

When were MRI machines made?

in the 1970's

Why were MRI machines made?

the reason why mri machines were made was so doctors can get a good look at your infection if the xray machine dint get agood look at it

How many MRI tests are performed in the US annually?

Estimates put the number of MRI exams in the US at approximately 27.5 million in 2008.

List some of the machines that use electromagnets?

Nmr, mri

How are electromagnetic waves used in technology?

radio, x-rays machines, mri machines, cell phones

Who runs the mri machines?

The technologist. A radiologist reads the study later.

Does MRI machines need maintenance?

A MRI machine may need maintenance. When the machine gets so old it can cause it to break.

What special equipment do Oncologists use?

An oncologist uses a lot of different types of high tech machines. This includes x-ray machines, MRI machines, and ultrasound machines.

How many slot machines in US?

Slot machines in the United States are regulated by state governments. There are approximately 800,000 slot machines in the US.

What advancesin health care occurred because of the computer?

Many advances in health care have occurred because of the computer. Some of these things include MRI machines, electronic health records, vital signs machines, and cat scan machines.

Can you freely approach an MRI machine if it has been turn off?

Yes, and even when MRI machines are in use, they are very safe if proper procedures are employed.

How many vending machines are there in the US?


What are MRI machines use for?

so that docters can see the broken bone.It is like a exray

What is an omri tech school and where is the nearest one to Austin Texas?

A OMRI school or Open MRI school is a school that teaches people to be MRI technicians so that they can work alongside doctors on MRI machines in hospitals and clinics.

Which is more accurate cat scan or mri?

Both and neither. They each have areas of the body they are better at. Many DR's think the MRI is better because they think it is newer, but both machines have been around since the late 60's.

Example of technology use in medicine?

Everything, From patient gowns, to hospitals, to MRI machines, to the textbooks.

Is an mri scanner on when its not scanning?

Yes. MRI machines include powerful magnets that take a long time (and cost alot) to turn on and off so they are kept on the whole time.

What are facts about electromagnets?

MRI, magnetic imagingAn electromagnet is a coil of electrical wire that is wrapped around a ferromagnetic coil. The discoverer of electromagnetism was Hans Christian Orsted in 1820. Electromagnets have many use, including to lift heavy metal apparatus and MRI machines.

What are MRI scans like and are they loud?

MRI scans look at the inside of the human body. The machines can be a little loud due to the magnetic activity used to produce the images of the inside of the body.