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So far, NASA has successfully acquired four Mars rovers: the Mars Pathfinder, Sojourner, Opportunity, and the Spirit. These were managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Mars Science Laboratory.

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Q: How many Mars rovers do NASA have?
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When did NASA start using wheels on their mars rovers?

All of their Mars Rovers have wheels.

Is NASA the owner of the Mars Rover?

Yes, NASA owns all the successful Mars rovers.

Has NASA gone to mars?

NASA has sent a number of space craft to Mars, including a surveyor and several rovers. More missions are planned.

Are mars rovers controlled your man?

they are controlled by the NASA they make the rover move

How many rovers have been sent to mars by NASA?

There was sojourner, spirit, opportunity. Oh yeah! and the new one, curiosity.

In what mission were the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity launched?

I don't know, but they were launched in 2003 by NASA.

Who invented Mars rover?

mark harbonson is the first person to invent Mar's rover. Mark Hoboson is a british murderer:p NASA invented the mars rover

What are the names of the two mars rovers?

There have been plenty of mars rovers. The names of the two rovers currently (2008) deployed by NASA are "Spirit" (at the Gusev crater) and "Opportunity" (at Merridiani).You can find more information about this mission at by visiting the link below.Spirit and Opportunity

What is NASA doing to go Mars?

We are landing rovers there right now and developing the Orion capsule (SLS)

How many mars rovers are still working?

As of November 2016 there are two operational Mars rovers: Opportunity and Curiosity.

How many rovers have attempted to travel to mars?

There have been seven attempts at sending rovers to Mars of which four landed successfully.

How many cameras do the mars rovers have?