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How many Nazi criminals were there?

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Nuremberg trials were a series of trial held to try and punish Nazi criminals of war. In all 22 major Nazi war criminals were tried. 12 were awarded death penalty and rest were awarded imprisonment ranging between 10 years to life. Of the 12 awarded death penalty 10 were eventually hanged. Hermann Goering committed suicide and Martin Bormann was sentenced in Absentia and was never caught. A series of secondary trials punished hundreds of low ranking Nazi criminals of war.

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Are there any Nazi war criminals still out there?

It is to be assumed there may still be Nazi War Criminals out there. As so many people participated in the Nazi Party, it is impossible to assume that all Nazi War criminals were captured.

Where were nazi war criminals tried?


Where were the Nazi war criminals tried?


What trial took place after World War 2 to prosecute Nazi war criminals?

The post-world war 2 nazi war criminals prosecution

What was the prosecution of nazi war criminals?

theeey were hanged .

What is nazi hunting?

Nazi hunting is the act of locating, and bringing to justice, war criminals who were Nazis.

Where were Nazi criminals brought to justice?

at ur mothers house

In what city were Nazi war criminals tried?

Nuremberg, Germany .

Why were the Nuremberg trials made?

To prosecute the WW2 Nazi criminals.

Dustin Hoffman was in this movie about Nazi war criminals?

Marathon Man

Nazi war criminals were tried in?

Not Washington D.C. whoever that was, it was Nuremberg.

What group was tried at the Numr emberg Trials?

Nazi War criminals

What did the Nuremberg Trial emphasize?

It brought the Nazi war criminals to justice.

What movie was about nazi war criminals?

Nuremberg starring Alex Baldwin.

Does war have rules?

Yes. And The Nazi Were One Of The Biggest War Criminals Ever.

How did the allies deal with the nazi war criminals after the war was over?

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What wass the prosecution of nazi war criminals called?

It was called the Nuremburg Trials.

What was the name of the trials that prosecuted nazi and war criminals?

Nuremburg War Trials .

How did the allies deal with the Nazi war criminals after war was over?

Tried them at Nuremberg

What trials convicted many Nazi War criminals?

They were called the Nuremberg trials.

When was the Germans orderedto kill the Nazis?

After the war Germans would try Nazi war criminals and many of them were killed. But the Germans were not ordered to do so.

In what city did the trials of the Nazi war criminals take place?

You are probably thinking of Nuremberg.

What was the popurse of the Nuremberg law?

The purpose of the trials was to prosecute the Nazi leadership and war criminals .

Who were the most infamous Nazi war criminals?

Hitler Goering Borman Hesse Eichhmann Heydrich

What holocaust word starts with the letter I?

· International Military Tribunal - prosecuted Nazi war criminals

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