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Of the roughly 11 million killed during the Nazi Holocaust, nearly half were non-Jews. These included groups considered racially undesirable such as Gypsies, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Poles, etc., and also included Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, clergy, communists, socialists, and other political enemies. Additionally, many non-Jews were persecuted because they were thought to be Jews, and of course, those caught trying to protect or hide Jews were killed as well.

Answer: The Nazis persecuted homosexuals, gypsies, and handicapped. They even killed many of the criminals in Nazi Germany.

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The other types of people who were putted into the concentration camps beside Jews were;



Mentally ill

deaf people

Physically ill people

Disabled people

Black people


Anyone who opposed Hitler and the Nazi Ideals

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sick people, insane people, gypsys, criminals, gays/lesbians and political opponents. About 60 million perished during the war. About 20 million were Jews

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gypsies and the disabled

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Q: Apart from Jewish people who else was sent to the concentration camps and what happened to them?
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Why did the holocoaust happen?

Because Hitler needed a scapegoat for the people and his thugs to rally against so he picked out the Jews because not they tended to stand apart from the rest and a proportion of them had accrued some wealth to steal. they also went for Gipsy's catholics people with disability people that had a hint of Jewish background and anyone else that got in their way. Most of this would probably have been forgotten by now but for the fact that the world Jewish community has gone to great pains to to remind us of the Jewish victims of this period.

How did the Gestapo contribute to the Holocaust?

Jews would be killed because when hitler came to power hitler had lost lots land and money,jobs,and businesses so hitler thought that they lost the war becuase of the jews so that when he started taking the to concentration camps and torture.

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How bad was the real amon goeth?

He was a true killer, he took pleasure in killing Jewish men, women, and children. One time he let his two pet dogs tear apart a Jewish camp worker. Helen, Amon's House servant would hear the sound of Amon's rifle going off constantly every morning.

What was the purpose of Theresienstadt that set it apart from other camps?

Part of Theresienstadt was an 'ordinary' concentration camp and a Gestapo prison (mainly for Czechs), and another part was a transit camp for 'prominent' German Jews. It was for a time a 'model concentration camp' that Germany could should off to the Red Cross. To some extent, the Jews there were allowed to organize their own lives. However, the grim reality was that prisoners were regularly sent by train to Auschwitz.

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