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How many Nazi war criminals were brought to justice?



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Individual nations which suffered under Nazi occupation were encouraged to bring to justice thousands of other war criminals who had committed atrocities against their citizens and they did so capturing and imprisoning or executing the war criminals. The person responsible for Israeli agents tracking down Adolf Eichmann in Argentina, kidnapping and bringing him to justice was Simon Wiesenthal who hunted down thousands of Nazi war criminals and bringing them to justice. Adolf Eichmann faced trial by the Israeli gov't. There were thousands of Nazi war criminals who escaped justice running off to friendly countries and and settling in under assumed identities. The U.S. gov't., participated in several conspiracies to help war criminals escape justice. Some of these criminals were scientists and engineers, and the U.S. gov't., had a policy that it was in the interests of this nation to exploit that talent rather than see that justice was done. The U.S. rocket program in the 1950s and 1960s was influenced by German rocket scientists who had participated in war crimes. Only approx. 20% of the 150,000 Nazi war criminals were ever brought to trail. Millions of others escaped punishment. Even today the search continues to bring these war criminals to justice.