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Individual nations which suffered under Nazi occupation were encouraged to bring to justice thousands of other war criminals who had committed atrocities against their citizens and they did so capturing and imprisoning or executing the war criminals. The person responsible for Israeli agents tracking down Adolf Eichmann in Argentina, kidnapping and bringing him to justice was Simon Wiesenthal who hunted down thousands of Nazi war criminals and bringing them to justice. Adolf Eichmann faced trial by the Israeli gov't. There were thousands of Nazi war criminals who escaped justice running off to friendly countries and and settling in under assumed identities. The U.S. gov't., participated in several conspiracies to help war criminals escape justice. Some of these criminals were scientists and engineers, and the U.S. gov't., had a policy that it was in the interests of this nation to exploit that talent rather than see that justice was done. The U.S. rocket program in the 1950s and 1960s was influenced by German rocket scientists who had participated in war crimes. Only approx. 20% of the 150,000 Nazi war criminals were ever brought to trail. Millions of others escaped punishment. Even today the search continues to bring these war criminals to justice.

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Are there any Nazi war criminals still out there?

It is to be assumed there may still be Nazi War Criminals out there. As so many people participated in the Nazi Party, it is impossible to assume that all Nazi War criminals were captured.

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Did anybody ever escape the Nuremberg trials?

Many, many war criminals escaped justice.

How many Nazi criminals were there?

Nuremberg trials were a series of trial held to try and punish Nazi criminals of war. In all 22 major Nazi war criminals were tried. 12 were awarded death penalty and rest were awarded imprisonment ranging between 10 years to life. Of the 12 awarded death penalty 10 were eventually hanged. Hermann Goering committed suicide and Martin Bormann was sentenced in Absentia and was never caught. A series of secondary trials punished hundreds of low ranking Nazi criminals of war.

In the medieval era for every 100 murderers how many were brought to justice?

English records show that for every 100 murders, only 1 murderer was ever brought to justice.

What trials convicted many Nazi War criminals?

They were called the Nuremberg trials.

When was the Germans orderedto kill the Nazis?

After the war Germans would try Nazi war criminals and many of them were killed. But the Germans were not ordered to do so.

How did imperialism affect Australia?

Imperialism affected Australia in various ways. There were many English criminals who were brought to Australia and the British forced Aussies to fight in many wars.

Did any Nazi criminals escape?

Yes, many went home, changed their names and lived happily ever after. Some fled to Latin America, especially Argentina and Paraguay.

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there are many men but did you know that president grant foght in this battle and lived to see justice brought down the south

Why did they nail the other two men to the cross?

They were criminals and it was a common tradition for Jews to nail criminals on a cross. Also, it had been Biblically predicted that Jesus would make his death among common thieves: there were many prophesies concerning the nature and circumstance of His death and His resurrection that were brought to pass at this time.

Do the Nazi zombies exist?

No it is a game and many are not even Nazi

How many criminals are there in the US?

there are 5.3 million felons, however i dont know the full amount of criminals.

Would the nazi-hunters continue to look for them in order to bring them to justice?

No, Nazi-hunting is a dying profession. Most of the Nazis worth catching died many years ago; like Martin Bormann, Hitler secretary, or Josef Mengele, who died in 1974.

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How many criminals were in prison in 1875?

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About 63% ofyoungcriminals help out the community and about 20% of adult criminals work for the community.

How many criminals were put to death with Jesus?

Two criminals were crucified with Jesus, one on his left and one on his right.

What happened to the accused when the holocaust ended?

They were tried. Many were hanged. Many went to prison. Some committed suicide. Some disappeared. Some are still being hunted and brought to justice.

What punishments did Nazi soldiers receive after World War 2?

When the war was over some were arrested and did time in prison. Some got hanged (see Nuremberg trails). Others went off through the "nazi underground" system and ended up in places like South America and began new lives...and were never brought to justice. Some simply got forgotten or overlooked in the post-WW2 chaos. Europe was in a huge mess for many years after the war.Many followed after Hitler and commited suicide Some got taken prisoner and ended up in Russia. Some the allied intelligence services etc grabbed because they had special knowledge and they ended up spying for the US and Britain. In war, not all offenders get brought to justice.

How many convicted criminals are illegal aliens?

About 17%. =]

Why have many of the Khmer rouge leaders responsible for killing millions of cambonians never been brought to justice?

Nova Net Answer: Many former Khmer Rouge leaders are members of the current government.

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