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about 20,000,0000


I wonder where that figure comes from and what definition of Nazi it is based on.

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What war was it during when Nazis carried out the Holocaust?

Nazis carried out the Holocaust during and just before WW II

Does holocaust mean sacred cause?

No, holocaust means 'destruction by fire' - as The Nazis did to many Jews during WW2

Where did the Nazis invade during the Holocaust?

nowhere, the Holocaust was not a military action

Did they read a lot during the Holocaust?

No they did not read during the Holocaust because the Nazis took everything they owned

What did the Nazis do to the elderly during the Holocaust?

The Natzis killed the elderly during the Holocaust. Because they were not strong enough to work.

How many Nazis were killed in the Holocaust?

Perhaps 300 Nazis were killed in the Holocaust. Many I'm sure perished in the war. The Holocaust is distinct from the war. The Holocaust was a genocide perpetrated against the Jews.

Why did Nazis target Muslims during the Holocaust?

The Nazis did not target Muslims. That is one of those myths.

How many Jewish people were killed by the Nazis?

Almost six million during the Holocaust, which is really sad... :(

Where the nazis in the holocaust?

Yes, the Nazis were a large part of the Holocaust.

What does the Nazis do to the Jews in the Holocaust?

Nazis killed Jews in the Holocaust.

What harm did Hitler and the Nazis do?

During the WW2, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis killed millions of Jewish in the Holocaust.

Which group was the MAIN target of the Nazis during the Holocaust?

Primarily Jews, but other minorities were targeted by the Nazis.

Why were Jews the majority killed during the Holocaust?

The Holocaust by definition was the Nazis' attempt to rid Europe of its Jews.

How do you tell who were Nazis during the holocaust?

look for their name in the party membership.

How many Nazis died during the Holocaust?

Nazis were not the targets of the holocaust. I suppose it might technically be possible to answer the question anyway, but you run into the difficulty of distinguishing actual "Nazis" from people who disagreed with the philosophy but joined the party in a nominal way and maintained the appearance of Naziism out of fear.

Types of people killed during holocaust?

The Holocaust was the attempted extermination of Europe's Jews. At the same time there was an effort to kill as many Gypsies as possible. There were many more victims of the Nazis, but they were not persecuted like those in the Holocaust.

Was there concentration camps during WW1?

No Hitler and the Nazis set them up i ww2 during the holocaust.

What did they do to the peole during the holocaust?

The Nazis Put them gas chamber, beat them, and shot them

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