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In the Sinnoh Pokedex, there are 493, from (#1) Turtwig to (#493) Arceus.


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Aipom is a Normal type Pokemon at number 63 in the Sinnoh Pokedex in Pokemon Pearl. It is number 190 in the National Dex.

The Pokemon 47th in the pokedex on Pearl, is Mothim

Pokemon no.147 in the Pokemon Pearl National Pokedex is Dratini.

it depends. National or Normal pokedex?? it depends. National or Normal pokedex?? it depends. National or Normal pokedex??

Number 25 on the pokedex in Pokemon pearl is BUDEW the grass & poison type Pokemon.

Pokemon #4 in the National Pokedex is Charmander.

#114 in Pokemon pearls Sinnoh pokedex in Unown. But in the National pokedex it is Tangela.

You just play the game usually when you beat the Eliet 4 you have seen all the pokemon.

in Pokemon pearl number 65 in the pokedex is Drifblim.

to get data on Pokemon in your pokedex, capture the Pokemon unless they are trainers Pokemon then you have to cheat to get trainers Pokemon.

Pokemon 146 in the national pokedex is moltress and Pokemon 146 in the sinnoh pokedex is uxie. have fun!

in national is dragonite and in pearl is dialga

114 = tangela 115 =kangaskhan i have my Pokemon POKEDEX book

how do you et national pokedex in Pokemon pearl? finish your sinnoh pokedex and either proffessor rowan will give you the national pokedex, or prof. oak

you have to complete the first pokedex

In sinnoh pokedex #134 is finneon.

Well, if you trade, it should go into your pokedex.

In the national pokedex it's tentacool, and in the pearl pokedex it's misdreavus.

You need to get the National Pokedex. Then use Poke Transfer. But you don't get the White Pokemon on Pearl. You can never get the Pearl Pokemon back to Pearl.

just battle and capture as many different types of wild Pokemon as you can, for me i had to battle a certain trainer because my pokedex was missing one so search on the enternet to find a certain Pokemon you might be missing

You have to see all the Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex.

Pokemon number 59 in the sinnoh pokedex is cherrim, the evolution of cherubi.

In National pokedex it is Marsh Stomp on sinnoh pokedex it is Roserade i think

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