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The exact number of Russian soldiers killed during the First World War is unknown. It is estimated that the Russian Empire lost anywhere from 1.7 million to 2.2 million soldiers.


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Approximately 14,000 Russian soldiers died in the 1979 - 1989 war.

About 300.000 russian Soldiers were killed on the Berliner territory. The defending of the whole campaign costed the red army about 1.000.000 lives. My History Teacher told me that.

About 908,000 Great British soldiers were killed in WW1

470,000 English Soldiers were killed in WW1

During world war 1, many of the Russian soldiers lost their lives. It has been found that out of all the Russian soldiers, 1,700,000 men died due to the cruelty and powerful consequences of the war.

16,000 German soldiers were killed in the invasion of Poland.

10 million soldiers 14 million civilians 24 million total

700,000 British Soldiers were killed in World War 1.

World War One. Precise figures are impossible because of incomplete Russian totals from both world wars, but there is agreement that more soldiers died in World War One than in World War Two. Many millions of soldiers died in both world wars.

11,900 New Zeland Soldiers were killed during World War 2.

5.53 Million German Soldiers were reportedly to be killed during World War 2.

50,000 were killed and 230,000 were wounded

10.7 Million USSR Soldiers were killed during World War 2. All of them from the Soviet Union.

Germany killed or wounded many russian soldiers, and people suffered food and fuel shortages

About 408,000 US soldiers were killed in World War II.

39.800 Australian Soldiers were killed during WW2.

The Russian death toll is probably in the region of in excess of 20 million. 14.5 million killed

22,256,500 German Soldiers were killed during world war 2. 2,778,000 Waffen SS Soldiers were killed during world war 2. So atleast 25 million Soldiers of Nazi Germany were killed during world war 2.

Approximately 1 000 000 men in the Winter War part of WW2 and 200 000 in the Continuation War part.

about 9 million German soldiers were killed

About 5 million German Soldiers were killed during WW2.

2.12 Million Japanese Soldiers were killed during WW2.

Around 34 000 Scottish soldiers were killed during WW2.

2,036,897 soldiers will killed in World War One.

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