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Contact the Pentagon.(

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Q: How many Silver Stars were awarded in 2005?
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How many Silver Stars were awarded in World War 2?

Approximately 50,000 Silver Star Medals were awarded in WWII.

How many silver stars have been awarded since 2001?

About 386 Silver Stars have been awarded to our men and women in uniform since the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 (9/11).

How many Silver Star have been awarded?

Unfortunately, the Department of Defense does not keep extensive records of Silver Star awards, however independent groups estimate that between 100,000 and 150,000 Silver Stars have been awarded.

How many Silver Stars were awarded in Vietnam War?

Try "American War Library" and "Statistics about the Vietnam War."No comprehensive list exists.

How many silver medals were awarded at the Beijing Olympics?


How many silver medals will be given out at the 2012 Olympics?

Total of 304 silver metals were awarded.

What do the many tiny bronze stars on the ww1 ribbon mean?

The "tiny bronze stars" were awarded for battle participation.

How many bronze stars awarded for OEF?

Wait till OEF is over then answer it

How many Silver Slugger's did Babe Ruth have?

None. It wasn't until 1980 when the Silver Slugger was first awarded.

How many bronze stars were awarded in World War 2?

The total number of Bronze Star Medals awarded during World War 2 is unknown. The 82nd Airborne alone was awarded 2,478 Bronze Stars. The medal was created in 1944.

How many silver stars can one person receive?

There is no limit on how many Silver Stars might be awarded to any one individual. But, the recipient only gets the actual medal the first time. Second and subsequent awards of the same decoration are signified by the award of an "Oak Leaf Cluster" (OLC), a small brass oak leaf pin, to be worn on the ribbon of the initial decoration.

How many Bronze Stars were awarded in Vietnam?

No one knows for certain and no comprehensive listing exists.

Does five dollars silver certificate have stars on them?

Well not many of them.

How many medals awarded for each event in Olympics?

There were three medels- Bronze,Silver and Gold

How many bronze stars are allowed on a navy ribbon?

up to 4, if five then star is silver in color. 1 silver star equals 5 bronze stars

How many stars do you need to get to gold in pilotwings resort?

You must have 18 stars in the Silver Rank and complete all Silver Rank missions to unlock the Gold Rank.

How many stars does a 1799 silver dollar have?

Thirteen or fifteen, for sure...

How many silver stars given in World War 2?


How many times has Fiona Wood been awarded 'Australian of the year'?

Once, 2005.

Is the silver star awarded for so many parachute jumps?

The Silver Star Medal was awarded for bravery and not for parachute jumps. However, the paratrooper wears special Wings badge on his uniform. After several jumps he could wear a Star above his paratrooper wings. Different star.

How many us army soldires were awarded 5 bronze stars?

While Bronze Stars are fairly common, those with V devices – for combat gallantry – are much more rare. Only one in 40 Bronze Stars are awarded with a V-device, for those who performed well under fire at great personal risk.

How many medals in 2012 Olympics?

There were 302 events and 962 metals awarded for those events. 2 Extra silver medals were awarded after ties in the event and some events did not have playoffs for the bronze medal and 2 were awarded for 56 events. Since many events involve pairs and teams the actual number of medals is higher

How many gold medals are up for grabs in the London 2012 Olympics?

302 Gold medals were awarded for the 302 events. There were 304 Silver Medals awarded because of 2 ties for second place. 356 Bronze medal were awarded to make the total medal count 962

How many bronze stars were awarded for valor in Iraq?

No list exists with the names of all Bronze Star Medals awarded for Iraq War. I suspect there are thousands, and because the war continues, there will be thousands more. One of the reasons for this is that the BSM is awarded not only for valor on the battlefield, but also for achievement in the theater of operation .

How many metals are there going to be at the 2012 Olympics?

There are 962 medals that were awarded 302 Gold Medals 304 Silver Medals and 356 Bronze Medals