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Q: How many Spanish speaking countries are represented in America?
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What spanish speaking countries are represented in the us?

All spanish speaking countries in the world are respresented by immigrants in the U.S.

How many spanish speaking countries are in north America?

There are 12-13 Spanish speaking countries in North America.

What countries in south america are not spanish-speaking?

The non spanish speaking countries in South America are Belize, Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.

What are the spanish speaking countries of south America?

The Spanish speaking countries of S. America are: Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay. (These are the countries where Spanish predominates.)

Which continent has the greatest number of Spanish-speaking countries?

South America has the greatest number of Spanish-speaking countries.

How many Spanish-speaking countries are represented at the summer Olympics?


Countries in America that speak spanish?

In the North American continent, the country of Mexico is the only Spanish speaking country. South America on the other hand, is filled with Spanish speaking countries.

Are Honduras and Guatemala both spanish speaking countries?

Yes. All countries in Central America are Spanish-speaking except Belize.

Spanish speaking countries in south America?

also in central america

What continent are most spanish speaking countries in?


How many spanish speaking countries are in south America?


How many spanish speaking countries are there in central America?


What are the Spanish speaking countries in Noth America?

Just Mexico

Which continent has the most Spanish speaking countries?

South America.

What three continents have spanish-speaking countries?

Depending on what you consider to be a continent, there are either three or four continents with Spanish-speaking countries: Europe, Africa, South America, and North America.

Spanish speaking countries in ccentral americca?

The Spanish-speaking countries in Central America are: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

How many spanish-speaking countries are there in south America?


Smallest spanish speaking countries in south America?

el salvador

What are some of spanish speaking countries in south America?

Almost all of them.

Where are the majority of spanish speaking countries locted?

north and south America

What are the two spanish speaking countries in south America that don't touch an ocean?

"two spanish speaking countries in south America is Chile and Peru" is what was here before. The real answers are Bolivia and Paraguay.

Are all countries in the south America a spanish speaking country?

Except for Brazil, Suriname, Guiana, and French Guyana, all other countries are spanish speaking ones.

Why spanish is spoken in South America?

Because the Spanish-speaking countries of South America were all once colonies of Spain.

What is the nationality most represented by immigration lawyers?

It would be Spanish. That is if you count all the South American Spanish speaking countries as a whole.

What is Latin America?

Latin America are the Spanish, Portuguese and French speaking countries of the Western Hemisphere.