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How many Spanish speaking states are in the USA?

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There is at least one or more Spaniards in each state. There is really no Exact Answer to this question.

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Where in the USA is spanish spoke?

Spanish-speaking people live in many areas of the United States. In most of the southwest (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California) Spanish is widely spoken, and in some places the street signs are bilingual.

What spanish speaking country borders the US?


Which of the following has the largest Spanish speaking population in the world?

Where are "the following"/ Anyway, Mexico has the largest Spanish speaking population followed by USA,Spain and Colombia

What most speaking languages in USA?

English and Spanish are the most common ones, with many different dialects that the Native American people speak.

What languages are spoken in Arizona?

English, Spanish, Navajo, German, Chinese, French and Tagalog are the main ones.Such as question can be answered very broadly, in the sense that many people, from all over the world, immigrate to the United States.Arizona is a primarily English speaking state, with a secondary Spanish speaking populous, and small groups of indigenous natives living in that, as in many other states, who speak unwritten languages.Arizona is a state of the USA.A knowledge of the English language would be helpful.

Top US cities with Spanish speaking population?

1st Hialeah Gardens, FL 2nd Hialeah, FL 3rd Miami, FL those are the top most spanish speaking cities in the USA

In which states of the USA is Spanish largely spoken?

New Mexico has more Spanish speakers then English.

What is the United States in Spanish?

United States (USA) is "Los Estados Unidos" abbreviated EE.UU.

Why is Spanish so important in US?

well as you should know near the bottom of the USA. is Mexico. in Mexico many people speak Spanish so as these immigrants 'migrate' to the USA. they become part of the community. some states that have Spanish people are Arizona, and Florida.

Why is spanish the most important language in the USA?

I don't believe that it is. Although speaking Spanish in addition to English is definitely an advantage, I believe that speaking only Spanish and no English is a severe handicap. I speak both, but I believe that English is the most important language, since my job depends upon it.

How many states there in unted states?

There are 50 states in the USA.

How many states US have?

USA has 50 states.

Why are there so many Spanish speakers in US?

Well, there are a lot of Spanish-Speaking countries nearby (most countries in the Americas have Spanish as an official language). Many people come to the USA from those Spanish-speaking countries for work. Also, part of the USA used to belong first to Spain, then to Mexico, so there is a long history of both languages being used in the Southwest. Until the border fence went up, there were areas of the southwest were the border was very porus, as well. People in some towns on different sides of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo would just wade across the river to shop and visit in the neighboring country on the other side of the river as easily as people in farmland areas can walk across to Canada and back. There are so many Spanish-speaking people in many areas of the US, now, many non-native speakers have started seeing it as advantageous to learn the language, too.

USA is a state?

United States of America or USA for short is composed of many different states but Canada is not one of them. There are 50 states on the USA.

Does Netflix show Spanish movies?

According to Wikipedia, Netflix began to stream films (presumably in Spanish) into Latin American (i.e. Spanish-speaking) countries in 2011. Whether these films are accessible in the UK/USA is another matter.

How many states were there in 1849?

there were 30 states in the usa in 1849

How many states are the in USA?


How many states do you have in the USA?


What countries in north and south america are spanish speaking countries?

North America consists of two countries: the USA (english speaking) and Canada (bilingual - French and English) For the rest - Spanish dominates South and Central America with the exception of Belize, Brazil, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana

How many states does US a have?

The country is the USA and there are 50 states total.

How many states are in the us 2013?

In 2013 there were 50 states in the USA.

How many states are in the us 2014?

There are currently 50 states in the USA.

How many states were there in the US in 1969?

There were 50 states in the USA in 1969.

How many people speek spanish in the US?

There are 40 Million native Spanish speakers in the USA. But there should be more then 40 Million people in the USA who speak Spanish. Hard to say.

How many states were their in the original USA?