How many Sumatran tigers live in the zoo?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How many Sumatran tigers live in the zoo?
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What do Canberra Zoo staff feed Sumatran tigers?

Sumatran tigers eat what most tigers eat at the zoo, MEAT.

How many Siberian tigers in a Los Angeles zoo?

None. There are only sumatran tigers (2).

Are there any places to see Sumatran tigers in New Zealand?

Other than a zoo, no. Tigers are not native to NZ

Does the Wellington Zoo have Bengal tigers?

Wellington Zoo has one male Sumatran tiger, with another expected to join him in 2014.

What eats Sumatran tigers?

In the Zoo the tigers are fed an assortment of fish, meat and poultry parts and in the wild they eat badgers, rabbits, deer's, boars and wild cattle

Do tigers only live in Africa?

NO tigers live in Africa - unless they're in a zoo.

Can white tigers live in the zoo?


Do tigers live in Spain?

Only in a Zoo.

Do tigers live in zoo's in japan?

yes they do

Do tigers live freely in Spain?

only in a zoo

Do snow tigers live in Mexico?

yes but only in the zoo

Why are some tigers wild and others not?

um Becase the tigers that are not wild when they where a baby they got into the zoo and the wild ones did not go too the zoo to live there