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Almost 20 Summer Swim Leagues in Texas,

Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF), City of El Paso Parks & Rec. Summer Swim League, DFW Summer League, City of Austin Parks & Rec., Travis County; Austin Hills Swim League, Longhorn Aquatics Summer League, LASL, Northwest Swim Circuit, City of Georgetown Parks & Rec.,Williamson County, Lone Star Summer Swim League, Alamo Area Summer Swim League, AASSL, Northeast Summer Swim League, San Antonio, Maverick Summer Swim League, Northwest San Antonio, Corpus Christi Summer Swim League, Northwest Aquatic League, NWAL, West Houston Aquatic League, WHALe; Spring Oaks Swim League, West Houston; Clear Creek Swim League, CCSL; Coastal Cities Aquatic Association, CCAA; Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League, SHRSL; East Texas Summer Swim League

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Q: How many Summer Swim Leagues are there in Texas?
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