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As of December 2011, there are a total of 10 Super Moshi Missions on Moshi Monsters.

They will continue to release more. Keep checking the Daily Growl for information on any new Super Moshi Missions.

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You can not do a Super Moshi Mission unless you are a paid Moshi Monsters Members.

There is no definite number of Quests on Moshi Monsters as they will continue to add Quests as needed and there are several variations of each Quest. As far as Super Moshi Missions, Moshi Monsters generally releases 10 Super Moshi Missions each year, however, the missions now have several parts to them, so, again, no definite number as they continue to add Super Moshi Missions.

Moshi Monsters plans to release one Super Moshi Mission each month.

So far, Moshi Monsters has had 10 Super Moshi Missions in Season 1 (2011) and 10 Super Moshi Missions in Season 2 (2012). Things seem to be changing for Season 3 (2013) as they are offering Super Moshi Missions and Moshi Adventures. Some of them are available to both paid Moshi Members and free Basic Members. All of the Season 3 Missions have an expiration date and are no longer available after that date.

There are many members who have Katsumas on Moshi Monsters.

The trophies are unlimited on moshi monsters.

Since there are more that 50 million registered users of Moshi Monsters, there a many people who play on Moshi Monsters!

Moshi Monsters has said that they will release one mission about every 5 weeks, which means that there will be 10 total missions in each season and each season will be one year long.

There are no cheats for Moshi Monsters. However, Moshi Monsters offers ways to get Secret Codes. Secret Codes are available for many items on Moshi Monsters. You can get Secret Codes by purchasing Moshi Monsters items, in the Moshi Magazine, and in the Daily Growl.

There are six series of Moshi Monsters out. Adopt a Mosling is now on Moshi

You can only have one Moshi Monster per account.

the amount of moshi monsters are there are 140

There is no code that will get that many Rox on Moshi Monsters.

You can have as many Moshi Monsters as you want, but you have to start a new Moshi Monsters membership account for each one.

The way to enter secret codes on Moshi Monsters has changed. You no longer enter them on the LogIn page. As to the codes, there are many codes available for Moshi Monsters and many ways to get them. You can get a code when you purchase a Moshi Monsters toy. You can get a code by winning a contest or a competition on Moshi Monsters. You can get a code in the Moshi Monsters newsletter or by watching Moshi TV. Keep playing Moshi Monsters and watch the Daily Growl and you will find lots of codes.

Moshi Monsters will continue to add levels to keep members interested in playing the game, so there is no definite answer to how many levels there are on Moshi Monsters.

As of April 2012, there are 20 sets of moshlings on Moshi Monsters.

Many members have been suspended on Moshi Monsters. They are suspended because they did not follow the Terms of Service (the rules) on Moshi Monsters.

Yes, there are many web sites about Moshi Monsters, but be careful, because not all of them give the correct information. Moshi Monsters Wikia is a good web site about Moshi Monsters. (see Related Links)

The Home page for Moshi Monsters says that over 40 million monsters have been adopted.

Limited Edition Codes can be found with many Moshi Monsters related items available for purchase. You can get two codes in every issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine.Limited Edition codes are unique, meaning they can only be used once.

Having a castle has nothing to do with how many rooms you can have on Moshi Monsters. Free Basic Members can only get one room on Moshi Monsters. Paid Moshi Members may have up to five rooms on Moshi Monsters.

It is possible that someone could hack your account on Moshi Monsters. However, hacking someone's account is against the Moshi Monsters rules and Moshi Monsters has many safety measures in place to prevent someone from hacking into an account. If you think someone has hacked your Moshi Monsters account, change your password and report the incident to Moshi Monsters.

Baileyor gets so many items on Moshi Monsters because she has tons of money and is a hardworking Moshi Monster!

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