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At the end of 2005, there were 135 members of the Pontifical Swiss Guard. This number consisted of a Commandant (bearing the rank of Oberst or Colonel), a chaplain, three officers, one sergeant major (Feldwebel), 30 NCOs, and 99 halberdiers, the rank equivalent to private (so called because of their traditional halberd). (As per Wikipedia)

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An estimated 100 of the total force of 950 men.

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Q: How many Swiss Guards are there?
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What country are the Swiss guards based in?

The Swiss guards are generally based in Vatican City.

Which army do the Swiss guards belong?

Swiss army.

What is the guard job?

The Swiss Guards are the body guards of the pope.

Where do The Swiss guards are responsible for the protection and safety of the Pope in which country?

The Swiss guards are from Switzerland. They are unmarried men between the ages of 19 and 30, and they would have been trained by the Swiss Armed Forces.

Are the Swiss guards Protestant?

No, the Swiss Guards are not Protestant. They are members of the Catholic Church and are responsible for providing security at the Vatican in Rome.

How long has the Swiss Guards guarded the Pope?

Various units of Swiss Guards existed for hundreds of years. The earliest such unit was the Swiss Hundred Guard (Cent-Garde) at the French court (1497 - 1830). This small force was complemented in 1567 by a Swiss Guards regiment. The Papal Swiss Guard in the Vatican was founded in 1506 and is the only Swiss Guard that still exists. In the 18th century several other Swiss Guards existed for periods in various European courts.

May Swiss Guards marry?

No, not as recruits.

Who are the Swiss guards suppose protect?

the Pope

Are the Pontifical Swiss Guards genuine Swiss Soldiers?

They are and have been for over 500 years.

Why do the pope's Swedish guards wear those clothes?

The Pontifical Swiss Guard are not Swedish.For more information on the Swiss Guard see the link below.

Who are the men who are responsible for protecting the pope?

The Swiss Guards are the most visible body guards of the pope.

Who are the special soldiers who guard the Vatican?

Swiss GuardsThe Swiss Guard consists of 6 officers and 110 men. All members of the guard must be Swiss.Clarification:The Swiss Guards are the body guards of the Pope and the only remaining military unit in the Vatican. They do not guard the Vatican, however. The Vatican Police are charged with guarding the Vatican and maintaining law and order. They are not considered members of the military, however.