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Including all Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents (Transportation Security Officers, VIPR teams, Federal Air Marshals, National Explosives Detection Canine Teams, and Transportation Security Inspectors), there are 58,401 employees of the TSA.

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Q: How many TSA agents are there?
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How many TSA agents with guns are there?


How many people are in TSA?

If you are asking how many people are employed by TSA, including all Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents (Transportation Security Officers, VIPR teams, Federal Air Marshals, National Explosives Detection Canine Teams, and Transportation Security Inspectors), there are 58,401 employees of the TSA.

How do you join the TSA?

You can join the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by applying for a job online or go to an airport where TSA agents work. See the Related Links for a list of available jobs with the TSA.

If you have something stolen from you by the TSA agents at Eaton Airport in Norton County Michigan how do you get them to investigate their people for theft?

TSA has many methods to address problems that they share with the public. I would suggest that you contact the TSA Claims Management Office through the TSA website at There you will find the information and forms you need to start your claim.

Is it proper for TSA agents to feel your private area when being screened at the airport?


What are the TSA agents in airports called?

There are different types of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents who work in airports.Transportation Security Inspectors- these TSA employees assess, inspect, and investigate passenger and cargo transportation systems to make sure they are secureTransportation Security Officers- these TSA employees screen people, property, and control entrance and exit points

If 18 and not a licensed driver can you use a temporary drivers permit to board a plane?

If the airline and the TSA agents accept it as valid ID you can.

Where would one be able to learn about TSA regulations?

The TSA regulations are clearly included on their website, which also provides a range of helpful articles and a checklist to help travellers understand their rights, and the rules. Leaflets are also available from travel agents and included with plane tickets.

How many airports are managed by the TSA?

There are 450 U.S. airports which are managed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

What is the maximum age to become a TSA agent?

There is no maximum age to become a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent. There are many jobs in the TSA which has older employees. However, most jobs in the TSA requires that you pass a physical and medical exam which may be harder for older persons.

Does TSA work with local police?

Yes, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) works with local police. Many times, TSA works with local law enforcement to reduce the amount of baggage theft.

Can i still fly on a plane with an arrest warrant from California to Oregon?

You can fly, but if for some reason your name or ID is run by the TSA agents or the airport police you will oprobably be arrested.

Is your drivers license a government issued id?

It is, and it's one of the three documents TSA agents normally see. The others are state government ID cards and passports.

Where offline can TSA branded luggage locks be purchased?

There are many retailers that offer TSA branded luggage locks to customers. The best offline resource would likely be at an airport location store that sells TSA products.

What does the acronym TSA stand for?

The acronym TSA can have many definitions, depending upon the context. A definition that would be understood nationwide would be the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA is the overseeing agency for all transportation in the United States. Another common definition of the acronym TSA, as found in the financial field, is Tax Sheltered Annuity. There are over 130 recognized definitions of the acronym TSA.

How many hijackers has the TSA caught?

Not many, otherwise we would have heard about it.

What actors and actresses appeared in Tsa tsa tsaa - 1993?

The cast of Tsa tsa tsaa - 1993 includes: Aake Kalliala as Various Jukka Puotila as Various

How many teachers and advisors does TSA have?

more than 134

How many real terrorists have been stopped by the TSA?

None of them.

How many security screeners did TSA intially hire?


What is TSA stand for?

TSA is an abbreviation for a lot of things:Here is a list of TSA abbreviations on notably and on most peoples minds today, TSA stands for the Transportation Security Administration.

What items cannot go on carry on bag?

This question is best answered by the TSA on their website at the related link. There are many things not allowed in carry-on bags. But the TSA will have the full list.

Where are some tsa security jobs located?

There are many different TSA security types of jobs, and the majority of them you will probably have to resort to a newspaper or classified ad. in order to find one.

When was TSA - band - created?

TSA - band - was created in 1979.

Where can one learn more about employment at the TSA?

One can find out more information about employment at the TSA from the following sources: TSA Government website, TSA jobs, USA Jobs, Job Search, Indeed, Wikipedia.