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18, and they were made by the children the night before 18, and they were made by the children the night before

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Q: How many TVs are in an average Chinese home?
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How many tv's are in the average American home?

there are about 2 in the average American home.

Tell me how many TV sets you might find in the average persons home?


How many TVs does an average American home have?

The average American home has about 3 televisions. The number of televisions owned jumped from 1.57 in 1975 to 2.43 in 2000 as the internet began showing popularity. The number keeps growing in the 2000's but slowly.

How many tv do the average home in the US have?

My house has 5 but Im guessing that most have around 3 or so

How many electronics are in the average home?

Well, that depends: Do you have any handhelds, TVs, DVD players, ipods, laptops? count them.

When did the average home have television sets?

mostly from 1950s thru 1970s

How many TV are in America?

There are approximately 114.8 Million households in America with each household having an average of 2.73 TV's per home. That is a little over 313 Million TV's.

Popular Chinese TV program?

it is Chinese news I know because I am Chinese

What services are provided from the company iControl?

The company iControl offers many devices and different types of software to turn the average home into a digitally managed home. This company allows people to manage their home security, thermostat, lighting, television, and more from any device.

What channel on sky tv is Chinese channel?

785 is Chinese channel they speak Chinese

How many TV are in an average Australian house?


When was Chinese Television System created?

Chinese Television System was created on 1971-10-31.