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How many T shirts are sold a year?

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2 billion

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Elaine sold twice as many T-shirts as Kim. How many did each girl sell if the total number of T-shirts sold was 27?

18 and 9

How many Che Guevara T Shirts are sold per year?

Even after over 40 years of his execution, Che Guevara's t-shirts are sold all over the world on a large quantity. the Che Guevara store sells over 2.6million t-shirts a year and so far there has been a total sales of 7.9billion Che Guevara accessories with 6.78billion t-shirts. Be sure to check out the Che Guevara store at

Where can mountain lake t-shirts that were sold at goody's be found?

where can mountain lake t-shirts that were sold at goody's be found?

Dots sells 250 T-shirts 4 In April total sales were 600how many T-shirts and shorts did Dots sells?

If dots sells t-shirts and shorts only, and sold 250 shirts in April, they sold 350 pairs of shorts. Simply subtract 250 from 600 to get your answer.

What stuff is sold at the Thinkgeek website?

T-shirts, hoodies, many other kinds of shirts, ties, star wars accessories, doctor who accessories, and many other items are sold at the ThinkGeek website.

Do 100 percent cotton t-shirts shrink?

Yes. However, many 100% cotton t-shirts sold in stores are pre-shrunk. Check before buying.

What is the year on Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirts?


Where can you buy pluma t shirts that Sam's Club sold?

The maker of these shirts is no longer in business. They are not available.

Where can you buy Pluma T-Shirts?

These t-shirts were sold by Sam's Club several years ago, and they are no longer available due to the fact that the maker has gone out of business.

What is the nemes fashion to day in t-shirts dress shirts pants?

I think it's clothes that are sold in FashionTIY

What year t-shirts were made?


How many t-shirts the most t-shirts folded in 1 minute?


Where do you get camp half-blood t-shirts?

They are sold at Hot Topic and Borders. You can look on Amazon but they're pretty pricy.

Where can one purchase T Shirts by Animal?

T-shirts for animals can be found from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell these shirts include Rock Bottom t-shirts and 26 Bars & a Band.

How many shirts are there on Roblox ever?

As of May 13, 2009 there are: 80,727 T-Shirts and 15,039 Shirts

How many t shirts in 1 cbm?

how many t-shirt in a CBM

What are some popular products sold in new york state?

There are many popular products sold in New York State. Products like t-shirts that say I Love New York and many fashions are sold in New York State.

Where do you find john wall troop 41 t shirts?

I was looking for those t shirts as well, but i found out that they do not sell them to the public. The tshirts are only sold to the people at the music video shoot. sorry

Where are Buffalo Sabres t shirts sold at in Seattle WA?

You can just go to and get them there. they ship worldwide

What is tshirt advertising?

T-shirt advertising means to promote your business by wearing or giving out t-shirts. This kind of t-shirts is called customized t-shirts. That is, a logo or brand image is printed or embroidered on the t-shirts, and the t-shirts serve as a walking advertisement.

What is the collective noun for t-shirts?

There is no standard collective noun for t-shirts.Collective nouns are an informal part of language. Any noun that suits the situation can function as a collective noun; for example a display of t-shirts, a rack of t-shirts, or a wardrobe of t-shirts.

What do 15-year-olds normally wear to sleep?

Pjs or t-shirts.

How many shapes do men's t-shirts come in?

Mens t-shirt come in both crew and v-neck they are also A cut t-shirts.

Where are asking Alexandria t shirts sold at?

Hot Topic, SPENCERS, any place thats worth a d***...

Where can you find a Niklas Hjalmarsson shirt?

The Blackhawk Store in Chicago, or anywhere sports memorabilia/t-shirts are sold.