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How many Taxicabs are there in Toronto?

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An educated guess would be over 3000. Toronto has about 10 cab companies.

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When were taxicabs first introduced?

Research has proven that the history of taxicabs dates back hundreds of years. The original taxicabs were in the form of a horse and buggy and the first documented service was in Paris in 1640. Gasoline powered taxicabs were introduced in Paris in 1899.

Something that taxicabs have that cats don't?


How many people are killed by taxi cabs in New York?

The average amount of people killed by taxicabs is about 6.

What is Monaco's Transportation?

There are taxicabs, buses and trains in Monaco

Something that taxicabs have that normal cars don't?

A middle window.

By law in New York City there are only 12187 what?

Licensed Taxicabs

Why did the French travel to the battlefront in taxicabs?

they had too few trucks to transport troops

How many acres in Toronto?

The Toronto area is about 156,000 acres.

How many driving hours from Toronto to Montreal?

how many hours does it take to drive from toronto to montreal

How many hours is the flight from Toronto to Rome?

How many hours is the flight from Toronto to Rome?"

How many hour flight from Toronto to Hawaii?

how many hours flight is it from Toronto Ontario to Hawaii

How many hours drive from Manitoba to Toronto?

how many hours does it take to drive from manitoba to toronto

How many acres is Toronto?

The city of Toronto has an area of 155,648 acres.

How many kilometers from Toronto to Montreal to Ottawa to Toronto?

about 1200 km

What types of public transport are used in new york?

Subways (and el's), buses, taxicabs.

Name something taxicabs have that regular cars dont have?

a sign on top that says taxi

Do people in Paris have Cabs for traveling around?

Certainly. Paris, France, has many taxicabs. That city also has a subway system (Metro) and many people also ride bicycles and walk to their destinations.

Is Toronto a province?

No. Toronto is currently the capital city of the Province of Ontario. There are, however, many people in Toronto who would like to see Toronto become a province.

How many kilometers is it from Toronto to Rochester?

Toronto > Rochester (NY) = 151.778 Km Toronto > Rochester (Minnesota) = 1050.118 Km

How many miles is it from Toronto to Melbourne?

10,105 miles from Toronto Canada to Melbourne

How many miles is it from Glasgow to Toronto?

Glasgow and Toronto are 3,304 miles apart.

What cultures are in downtown Toronto?

There are many cultures in Toronto. There are a variety of cultures to look at.

How many hockey halls of fame are there in Canada?

one in Toronto...... i think in Toronto

What city has the most taxis per capita?

Lima, has 70 taxicabs per 1000 habitants

How many miles from Toronto to Ontario in Canada by road?

Ontario is a Province in Canada. Toronto is a city in the Province of Canada. When you are in Toronto you are in Ontario.