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How many US soilders were killed or wounded in World War 2?


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About 408,000 US soldiers were killed in World War II.

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21,844 killed ; most Japanese , even those wounded , fought to the death .

50,000 were killed and 230,000 were wounded

4,500 soilders NEW RESPONDENT The Confederate casualties were: 1,500 killed and wounded and 4,462 captured. Those of the Union were: 387 killed, 2,562 wounded and 112 missing.

Among the Union casualties, there were 460 killed, 1,124 wounded, and 1,312 missing or captured. For the Confederate casualties, there were 387 killed, 1,582 wounded, and 13 missing. Francis S. Bartow was the first Confederate brigade commander to be killed in the Civil War. General Bee was mortally wounded and died the following day.

8,500,000 soilders and about 20,000,000 civilians

U.S.A...population...129m...killed missing.. .300k.. .wounded.. .300k.. .killed(military).. .600k Over 400,000 US Sailors, US Marines, US Airmen, US Coast Guardsmen, and US Soldiers were killed in WW2.

About 116,500 were killed with another 204,000 wounded.

According to the World Book encyclopedia, 8,200 people were wounded. (There were 25,700 Americans killed, and 10,000 British killed.)

There were at least 400 killed and 9000 wounded.

About 25 Million soldiers were killed during WW2.

Army 318,274 killed 565,861 wounded Air Force 88,119 killed 17,360 wounded Navy 62,614 killed 37,778 wounded Marine Corps 24,511 killed 68,207 wounded Coast Guard 1,917 killed Merchant Marine 9,521 killed 12,000 wounded Total 504,956 killed 701,206 wouded Don't forget our Brothers from accrossed the pond. British Commonwealth all branches 580,351 killed 475,000 wounded

on day 1 - 507 british soilders were killedon day 2 - 4899 canadian soilders were injured but none killedon day 3 - 2422 american soilders were killed .

170,000 people were killed and 420,000 were wounded. That's a total of 590,000. 315,000 were Germans that were either killed or wounded, whiles allies had 275,000 people killed or wounded.

382,700 killed with 67,100 wounded

1578 were killed in confederates and 1569 were killed in union. 1265 were wounded in confederates and 6985 were wounded in the union.

many british soilders were wounded in the battel, and their supplies were running low

1,600 British solders were killed in the 1812 war and 3,679 were wounded.

How many welsh soilders were there i WW2?

approximately 10 million people were killed, with thousands more injured.

US Marine casualties in WW2 : 19,733 were killed with 67,207 wounded .

Nobody was killed in the Boston Tea Party. I'm not how many were wounded...

More than 17,500 Union soldiers and 23,000 Confederate troops were killed or wounded in three days of battle. Source: History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism Textbook (TCI)

around 18,00 where killed and 40,000 wounded

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