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How many US soldiers served under Douglas MacArthur during World War 2?


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The answer requires both political and strategic analyisis. When Marine Corps units were remomved from his command to accomplish Tarawa he complained bittlerly that the Navy was simply killing troops. MacArthur opposed the split of the Pacific Command between himself and Nimitz. In fact he wanted the Pacific fleet to be just one of his squads. The division of Command in the Theatre was an error. It was however a Naval War and the power, mystique and charisma that MacArthur had with Roosevelt's opponents mandated that he had an equal role. Numbers? MacArthur could never have enough. He wanted total command. Not just over the Pacific Theatre, but over WW-II. Eisenhower had been a junior officer of his in the Phillipenes and he felt that Ike was getting all the glory, after all one of the early war concepts was Germany first. MacArthur had been the "pseudo king" of the Phillipenes. He became the "pseudo emperor" of Japan. With MacArthur number never counted.