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How many US states have a coastline?


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July 16, 2011 11:51AM

There are two types of coastline: saltwater coastlines on the shore of the ocean (or a gulf, bay, or other inlet) and lake coastlines (as along the great lakes, brackish estuaries, or other non-river waterfront). 30 US states have one type or both.

23 US states have saltwater coasts (ocean, gulf, bay).

There are 14 (or fifteen, with Pennsylvania) on the Atlantic, and 4 more on the Gulf of Mexico (along with Florida). There are 5 on the Pacific Coast, including Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska also has coastline on the Arctic Ocean. Pennsylvania is sometimes included as the 24th on the basis of its Delaware River estuary, a length of about 57 miles.

8 states (including Pennsylvania and New York) have Great Lakes coastlines.


Here are the figures for the US states that have saltwater (ocean) coasts:

Alabama 53 miles (shoreline 607 miles)

Alaska (total) 6640 miles (shoreline 33,904 miles)

California 840 miles (shoreline 3,427 miles)

Connecticut 96 miles (shoreline 618 miles)

Delaware 28 miles (shoreline 381 miles)

Florida (total) 1350 (shoreline 3,926 miles)

Georgia 100 miles (shoreline 2,344 miles)

Hawaii 750 miles (shoreline 1,052 miles)

Louisiana 397 miles (shoreline 7,721 miles)

Maine 228 miles (shoreline 3,478 miles)

Maryland 31 miles (shoreline 3,190 miles)

Massachusetts 192 miles (shoreline 1,519 miles)

Mississippi 44 miles (shoreline 359 miles)

New Hampshire 13 miles (shoreline 131 miles)

New Jersey 130 miles (shoreline 1,792 miles)

New York 127 miles (Atlantic shoreline 1,850 miles)

North Carolina 301 miles (shoreline 3,375 miles)

Oregon 296 miles (shoreline 1,410 miles)

*Pennsylvania 57 miles (shoreline 57 miles - Delaware estuary)

Rhode Island 40 miles (shoreline 384 miles)

South Carolina 187 miles (shoreline 2,876 miles)

Texas 367 miles (shoreline 3,359 miles)

Virginia 112 miles (shoreline 3,315 miles)

Washington 157 miles (shoreline 3,026 miles)


Here are the figures for the states that have Great Lakes shorelines:

(Pennsylvania and New York totals include their ocean coasts)

Illinois (shoreline 63 miles)

Indiana (shoreline 45 miles)

Michigan (shoreline 3,224 miles)

Minnesota (shoreline 189 miles)

*New York (shoreline 2625 miles)

Ohio (shoreline 312 miles)

*Pennsylvania (shoreline 108 miles)

Wisconsin (shoreline 820 miles)