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Q: How many Victoria's secret stores are there in the world?
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How many Victoria's in the world?

There are many victorias in the worl but only 1 is important. The Victoria who created and shared her secret. VICTORIAS SECRET

The limited brands owns Victoria's Secret?

yes limited brands is the parent company of many brands including but not limited to victorias secret, pink by victorias secret, vsx (the victorias secret sport line), and victorias secret beauty

How many Victoria's Secret stores are there in the United States?

Victoria's Secret is a very popular franchise. According to Limited Brands, as of February 2nd, 2013 there are 1,019 Victoria's Secret stores in the US.

How many employees does Victoria's secret have?

There are many people that work at Victoria Secret. Victoria Secret sells clothing in over 1,000 stores and is continuing to expand.

Does Victoria's Secret carry chantelle bras?

Victorias Secret does not currently stock chantelle bras, although they offer many fine alteratives offering the same fashion and fitment. Should you require a chantelle branded bra they are available at a number of online retailers.

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You can get a code at many toy stores.

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How many pages does The Secret World of Terijian have?

The Secret World of Terijian has 96 pages.

How many stores does boots have worldwide?

how many boot stores ar in the world

How many Louis vuitton stores are there in the world?

There are 440 stores around the world.

How many stores are there in the world?

Everybody goes to walmart. I think there is 2,200 walmart stores in the world.50

How many Ferrari stores are in the world?

There are 39 stores in America, but I don't know about the world.

Where can I buy intimate apparel online?

Pat's Intimate Apparal has a very large selection. Visit their website at You can buy intimate apparel at Victoria Secret's webiste There are many online retailers of intimate apparel. The two biggest are Victorias Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood.

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Is there a Victoria's Secret in Spain?

Yes, there are Victoria Secret stores located in many areas of Spain. Though it is a more popular chain in North America.

How Many Starbucks Stores World Wide?

over 15,000 starbucks stores world wide!!

Where can Victoria Secret's body spray be bought?

There are many places one can purchase Victoria Secret's body spray. This includes Victoria Secret stores, their online site, or from sites such as Amazon or eBay.

How many skateboard stores are in the world?

It's impossible to know how many skateboard stores there are in the world. Many stores are opening and closing all the time so it would be difficult to find an exact number.

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The secret government has many hiding spots underground. They have many cities that are currently underground.

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There are 46 LYNE'S stores on the world (untill 24/Sep/2010).

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How many stores do Cadbury have?

They have 29172 stores spread across the world

How many Adidas stores are there in the world?

In the U.S Adidas has about 372 stores but if you figure in globally about 678 stores.

In how many countries does Victoria's Secret have stores?

Victoria Secrets have stores in the US, UK and all over Europe. There is no information on the total number of stores in each country but the company has up to 1,017 in the US and 18 independently owned stores.

How many stores does Adidas have?

they have 350 stores in the uk and 1 in the rest of world