How many WWE championships has Triple H gotten?

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World Heavyweight Championship Belt 5 times

WWF/E Championship Belt: 8 times

WWF European Championship Belt: 2 times

WWF/E Intercontinental Championship Belt: 5 times

WWF/E World Tag Team Championship Belt: 2 times

WWE Tag Team Championship Belt: 1 time

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Q: How many WWE championships has Triple H gotten?
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How many belts has Triple H won?

Triple H has won a total of 23 championships in the WWE/F.

How many times has Triple H been World Champion?

Triple H has won 25 championships in WWE, including thirteen World Championships, having won the WWE Championship eight times, and the World Heavyweight Championships five times.INTERESTING FACT:Triple H was the first World Heavyweight Champion.

How many championships did Triple H held in WWE?

2..... thefirst one is monday night raw and smack down

Who has had the most championships in the WWE?

triple h or the nature boy ric flair from Lisa Russell

Who won the most no of WWE championships in WWE?

triple HHH with 8 and john cena with 7 randy orton with 6 and edge with 4

How many championships are there in WWE?

Currently there are 6 championships in WWE: - WWE - World Heavyweight - Unified Tag Team - Intercontinental - United States - Diva's

Who has held the WWE title the most?

The Rock has held the WWE championships 7 times . "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan are also tied but with each other at 6 WWE championships. triple h has held the wwe title 8 times as of 2/15/09.

How many WWE championships has the rock won?


How many WWE champ Triple H has?

triple h has won a total of 20 wwe titles

How many championships has Jeff hardy won in the WWE?

Jeff Hardy has won a grand total of 17 championships in the wwe. Not a total suprise

How many championships has Ric Flair held in WWE?


How many times has Triple H won the WWE championship?

Triple H has won the WWE Championship 8 times the most in WWE History

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