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last time i checked there were 56

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How many rare items are in webkinz world?

There are a lot of rare items in webkinz world, probably way to many to count!

What are the webkinz specific items?

Webkinz pet-specific items are the itmes you can only get when you adopt a certain Webkinz.

Are there unlockables on Webkinz?

when you buy webkinz or webkinz items it unlocks things on webkinz

How many got free exlusive items on Webkinz?

I only got one friend request so i still have many more exclusive items on webkinz...... And guys I am not lying i give you exclusive items Thanks!

Can you do a cheat to get rare items on Webkinz?

Cheats are not allowed on Webkinz. And there are not any cheats for it.

What is Webkinz estore in Webkinz?

The Webkinz e-store is a place were you can buy codes to exclusive items and log them in at the code shop in webkinz world.

How do you get all the exclusive items in webkinz world?

Trade, Get lots of webkinz, Get lots of tokens.

How many webkinz Googles are there?

There are four adoptable webkinz googles: White Googles, White Lil'Kinz Googles, Blue Googles, and Pink Googles. There are many items that involve googles such a figurines and charms as well.

How do you get kinzville citizens items on Webkinz?

you can go to the trading room and trade exlusive items for them

How do you sell items on Club Penguin?

Sorry, but you can't sell items like you can in Webkinz.

What are Webkinz code shop codes?

Codes brought from shops to unlock new items for the Webkinz Pet

Can you have a Webkinz party on Webkinz from box without friends?

No, but if nobody comes you do get a goody bag with different items in it.

Where can you buy webkinz items?

On earth you buy them at JUSTICE and on the game Webkinz you buy them at the W-shop!See'Ya!

What store can you get Webkinz back to school items?


What is Webkinz estore on Webkinz?

It is an online store where you can buy specialty items/pets/clothing with real (not kinzcash) money.

Can you get exclusive items on Webkinz?

yes they usually give them as gifts when you add a pet on your account on webkinz or you could trade in the club house on webkinz in the trading room.

What furniture can you put in a Webkinz treetop?

Well... Mostly all of the items except the underwater items!

On Webkinz how do you get stuck items in your room unstuck?

click on refresh

How Do you make the fairy dress on Webkinz?

You can't make it yet because webkinz world hasn't decided which items to use for the dress. Actually the reason many people have it is because the gown was available for a period of time as a special sale at the webkinz outlet.

Will there be a Webkinz DS game?

No probably not because webkinz has to hook up to the internet. No please add me on webkinz i have no items please send me some thanks my user is glazierdrive

How do you get stuff back that has been sold on Webkinz?

I'm very sorry Items that you have sold can not be bought back from the shop on webkinz.

When your Webkinz expires what happens to its room?

When your webkinz account expires you loose all data: rooms, Kinzcash, items, ect.

Anyone have webkinz priceless items for trade?

Go to the trading room, and ask for Priceless items. People will have it ;)

How do you get the travel bus on Webkinz?

either trade or visit the local webkinz road trip van at toys r us. They sell webkinz items and give you a free code to get the webkinz tour van online!

Can anyone give a free Webkinz blue dragster and scatterkat trophy to MelMelLisa or LisLisMel?

You can organize trades at Webkinz Fan Sites such as Webkinz Insider to earn the items you want.

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