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How many World Series have the Washington Nationals won?



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The franchise now playing as the Washington Nationals (beginning in 2005), and formerly the Montreal Expos (1969-2004), has never played in a World Series.

The franchise's best seasons were 1979, when they won 95 games but placed second in the National League East behind the Pittsburgh Pirates (who would win the Series that year); 1981, when they won one half of the strike-interrupted split season in the division, and beat the Phillies but then lost to the Dodgers in the franchise's only postseason games; and 1994, when they held the best record (74-40) in all of Major League Baseball when the players' strike ended play for the year.

Since the move to Washington, the franchise has not had a winning season, with the best performance being an 81-81 finish in 2005.