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This is very difficult to answer because in several countries throughout the World there is people who perform illegal Abortions without any prior medical training.

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Q: How many abortionists are there in the world?
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What ideological view is to try convict and execute abortionists?

The theory that life and personhood begins at the moment of conception and that abortionists are commiting murder or a human being. However - to be correct about it, no abortionists have EVER been executed BY LAW that I am aware of.

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The US does not have "licensed abortionist". It does have licensed physicians who perform legal abortions.

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There are doctors in the Philippines selling the original of this drug. One just needs to find them. These doctors are trying to minimize the many deaths due to illegal abortions done by backstreet abortionists with fake drugs and dangerous surgical procedures with unsterilized instruments.

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