How many active users are there on Twitter?

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It's quite difficult to work out how many there are worldwide, especially since so many people are joining every day.
There are, however, approximately 18 million users in the USA alone.
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Can an authorized user activate a credit card?

Yes, usually, but not always. It depends on the credit card, andwhether you have the information required. Sometimes the primaryuser has to activate them, but then the other authorized users canuse them. For instance, this is the message on a popular credit card site: "If you are an Authorized User ( Full Answer )

How many people are on Twitter?

One reliable source for the number of Twitter users is Twitdir . TwitDir is a Twitter users (some call them twitter'ers) directory. Twitdir reports the number of Twitter users is well over one million.. As Twitdir is only capable of detecting Twitter users with a public profile, this number is a u ( Full Answer )

How can new users most effectively use Twitter?

Twitter for Newbies . Twitter is in the lead when it comes to Social Media/Social Bookmarking/News sites popularity. Twitter serves the basic purpose of every social site and virtual community out there, namely to connect the users with gathering place for its members to communicate with each oth ( Full Answer )

How many active users are on Facebook?

According to Facebook, there are currently 500 million active Facebook users. That's about 200 million more people than number registered users on RuneScape. Also about 494 million more people than number registered users on Minecraft. More recent studies show facebook have now over 750,000,00 ( Full Answer )

How many users are on Twitter?

Number of Twitter Users Wikipedia has some information regarding Twitter stating there were approximately 4 to 5 million users back in November 2008. Other estimates place the numbers between 6 and 10 million. Without stats directly from Twitter, it's hard to know. _________________ A surv ( Full Answer )

How many members are there on Twitter?

(see related link for source) in March 2010 there are 50 million Twitter accounts. However, most of its 50 million accounts merely follow other users rather than posting their own messages. 73% of Twitter accounts have tweeted fewer than 10 times according to a new report from Barracuda Networ ( Full Answer )

How many accounts can you follow on Twitter?

I'm pretty sure there isn't a limit because some celebrities are following over 100 000 people. But if you follow many people at once (I'm not sure what the hourly limit is) you will have to wait an hour until you can follow any more.

How many followers can you have on Twitter?

There is no limit currently to the number of followers a Twitter account can have. There are lots of people on twitter, (like celebrities) that have millions of followers.

How many users does Twitter have?

The company that makes Twitter does not give out the number of active twitter accounts. Twitter is a social media site where users can share thoughts in 140 characters or less. Approximately 100 million users log in every week, and some speculate there are 500 million accounts.

How many names can you have on Twitter?

only one. or two perhaps ... you have your log in name and screen name... then our real name that people see when you log in

What is a good user name for twitter?

For the purposes of Twitter, the best username is something short. Why? Twitter's 140-character limit. The shorter your name is, the less characters will be spent on addressing you if someone @replies or retweets you, and the more characters will be spent on valuable information. This means that peo ( Full Answer )

Can you retrieve user passwords from active directory?

It is not possible to see or obtain the password for an Active Directory user. That would breach the security measures that Windows attempts to put in place. The only thing you can do as an administrator is reset the password. But you can never identify the current password unless the user tells ( Full Answer )

How many tweets is the limit on Twitter?

There IS a limit to tweeting. If you tweet more than 1000 tweets per day, you go to twitter jail for a day (basically means that you can't tweet anymore). If you tweet more than 100 per hour, you go to twitter jail for an hour. You also can't write more than 250 DMs per day.

Who was the first Twitter user?

The first Twitter user was founder Jack Dorsey who tweeted on March 21, 2006 at 9:50 PM Pacific time, "just setting up my twttr."

What do you mean by active directory user?

Active directory users are nothing but the ones those are authenticated or able to access the directory with all the benefits of directory

How many words can you make out of Twitter?

Some words that can be made with the letters in twitter are: . er . I . ire . it . re . rite . ti . tie . tier . tire . titer . titre . titter . trite . twit . twit . we . wet . wire . wit . writ . write

What do you go to on twitter if you forget user name?

Click on the sign in button at the top right corner of the Twitter homepage, and there is an option for "Forgot username?" go there. If you remember your password, then you can log in with your email address and password, instead of your username.

How do you activate a deactivated Twitter account?

You cannot deactivate your Twitter account, you can only delete it. If you have deleted your account then you can't use it again. You'll have to make a new account but you won't be able to use the email address that you used with the previous account. If Twitter has suspended your account then ( Full Answer )

How many people are against twitter?

An exact number is unknown. Many parents, teachers , principals , or most any adults that have kids & who aren't hip (cool) are against Twitter as it is a social networking website.

How many people have a Twitter in the world?

Just to give you some piece of twitter stats, on March 12, 2011there are 572,000 number of new Twitter accounts created. Attached is related link to Twitter Statistics and Facts for 2011.

How do you activate your Twitter account?

Once you have registered in the site, you will receive an E-mail which contains an activate address in it. Then you can activate your account by clicking the link.

How many countries use Twitter?

Twitter is used in many countries. Follow the related link below for a list of the top countries.

How many followers do Twitter users have?

Each user has a different amount of followers - there's no set number. In Twitter, you can have followers as many as you want. There's is not specific number of followers a certain twitter user can have. The more the better.

Are users part of the active directory?

yes users are the important part of active directory as the users are assigned the permission to use the resources, groups, printers .We can assign users to a group and apply permission on them we can put them in OU and apply restriction /permission etc.Without users there is no meaning of resources ( Full Answer )

How can you find twitter user?

You can find a twitter user by name by just putting their name in the search box at the top.If you know their username then just add their username after typing in the address bar at the top of the page.

How can all twitter users see your tweets?

If your account isn't protected then anyone can go to your profile and see your tweets. Similarly, your tweets can appear in search results. For example, if someone searches "dog" and you mention "dog" in one of your tweets then it will appear in the results.

How many Twitters have Justin Bieber?

right now he has 2 twitter account the second one is @jusxy and justin says thats an alien account hahaha anyway y'all know justin isn't so normal!

How to have many followers on Twitter?

first you must have people you know becaz strangers will stalk yu and tht is dangerous so add people you know first second take a really cute picture of urself and post it and in one week you will have 45 followers 2. You must have a nice picture of yourself, I don;t recommend you to make your ( Full Answer )

How many tweets you have to have to trend on Twitter?

There is no specific number it really depends on what else is trending. If Justin Bieber is trending, for example, then you can assume that there are a lot of tweets mentioning him and so you'll need to send thousands to trend higher than him.

How many police use Twitter?

About 3/5 policemen use twitter. this website is very useful for investigation and is often used for crime scenes

How many characters does a twitter username have to have?

There is no minimum number of characters that a Twitter username has to have. You can have a username with only one character, if you would like. There is a maximum number of characters that a username can have, though. A username cannot be longer than 15 characters.

How many Twitter followers does Paramore have?

As of April 20, 2013, Paramore (@paramore) has 1,961,163 followers. The number of follower they have changes constantly, though, because people are always following and unfollowing. Click the Related Link below for a link to Paramore's official Twitter account with an updated follower count.

How many active users does MySpace still have?

Myspace has about 25 million active users. This number may not be An accurate number, since there are certain Myspace account holder who have multiple accounts.

How many Twitter followers does Thuisbezorgd have?

Twitter, the online micro-blogging and social networking site popular for it's "hashtags" and "tweets".Thuisbezorgd currently have 3,178 followers. They have posted a total of 8,678 Tweets and are themselves following 2,047 businesses/companies and/or individuals.